Ecommerce SEO is probably the most competitive part of SEO work there is. Here we outline ten ways to improve your own website’s SEO to help improve your visibility.

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

Make sure that the pages for your site contain search engine friendly links. Most Ecommerce platforms come with a plugin to make sure there are no nasty session id’s or characters in the URL and instead you have a nice clean link.

  • Content Is King

Google is still a text based website and needs content to index. It is advisable to have at least 300 words of content for your home page and 100 words for your product or category pages

Content Is King

  • Too Many Links On One Page

For a big ecommerce site you might have many products under a category. Make sure you never have more than 100 links on any given page. If you have a lot of products under one category, limit them by creating separate pages for instance page 1 will have products 1-25, page 2 -26-50 etc. Otherwise you are diluting the authority of your pages too much

  • Linking Via Your Home Page

Link directly to your most popular products via a text link. These will be given more weight in Google’s eyes.

  • Never Go More Than Three Links Deep

Never go more than three hops from your home page to any area of your site.

  • Duplicate Content

Ecommerce sites can often create duplicate content on pages, especially via search functions. For instance if you sell party supplies you might have this page but you might also have this that leads to the same page. Not only could you suffer from duplicate content but your diluting the page authority

  • Sitemap

A good sitemap is vital for ecommerce sites. It gives the order of your site and tells Google about pages they might have missed. Be aware there are no guarantees Google will index all of your pages. For a tutorial on uploading a sitemap see here

  • Fresh Content

Some form of fresh content or helpful articles are vital to keep the search engines coming back. According to Neil from ESP Projects Ltd “The more informative fresh content you can put on your site the better and will establish your site as a trusted source. Make sure you have social media buttons for visitors to RT, Like or Google+ your content.”

  • Choose Keywords that will Convert

Trying to be found for the keyword “camera” if you sell cameras is pretty pointless and no offence these are not “buying keywords” Buying keywords are phrases that reach the customer when they know exactly what they want and are ready to purchase. Include Manufacturer and product codes in your descriptions and especially the title of the page. For instance someone typing in “CANON EOS 600D Digital SLR Camera” is looking for something quite definite. These kinds of keywords are easier to target.

Choose Keywords that will Convert

  • Images

Make sure you use descriptive keywords in your product images. However, do not over spam this tag as this meant for users with visibility issues who will have this description readout if they are using Typetalk. They will not appreciate lots of keywords crammed in here.

Don’t forget Pinterest is great for generating buzz about your images.

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