Marketers believe that incorporating social media channels can skyrocket revenue and take your business two steps ahead. That is why today, you can find smaller or bigger brands online. Just like other social media platforms, many businesses prefer to use Pinterest. If you haven’t considered it yet, maybe you need to make it a part of your next promotional campaign. It’s true that setting up a platform with a loyal and massive following takes time. If you haven’t been pinning regularly or haven’t created more than two boards, you are unlikely to reap any benefit. But, it’s still possible to make the most of your Pinterest account.

Here’s how!

1. Aim To Grow The Reach

Well, it’s imperative to have a huge following on your Pinterest profile but you can still work with it if it doesn’t. You can still receive traffic and generate revenue. However, be mindful of the fact that you need to create pins that will also attract people who aren’t following your page. Don’t just restrict to growing following. Most importantly, share relevant pins that reach Pinterest users. Your relatable pins will be seen on a user’s home feed often and popularity on the platform will increase.

2. Use Optimized Images

Did you know that Pinterest is more than a social networking site? Pinterest works as a search engine too. So, you need to use optimized images. The algorithms of the platform rely on keywords to show your pins to a wider audience and promote the content they want to see. Therefore, try to search and add relevant keywords generously to get the job done.

3. Incorporate Keywords In Board Names

The best way to elevate both revenue and traffic is to use the appropriate title. Your page is likely to get a lot of attention when it shows up on the interest feed and “picked for you.” That is why using relevant titles is incredibly important. If you want to address travelers through your page, make sure to use the name your board something related to travel or simply travel tips. Pinterest will promote it to users who might be interested in the niche. However, if you opt for creativity and try to come up with a unique board name, your chances of getting to interest feed will decline.

4. Add Relevant Keywords In Pin Description

Incorporating relevant keywords to your pin description is another wise strategy to bring maximum reach to your page. When you pay attention to keywords and write a useful pin, it will engage the users and allow your pins to show up in the related search results. If you tried this method, ensure that you start writing meaningful pins.

5. Opt For Guided Search

Guided research helps you find the type of words people use to conduct searches on the network. You can try it by typing a word on the main search bar and getting a list of tiled words. These tiles contain plenty of relevant words. All you need is to go through it and find the ones that go well in your pin description.

6. Focus On Call-To-Action

Never overlook the power of call-to-action. When you encourage the users to hit like button or share the post, etc, it is likely to influence them. So, you shouldn’t stop doing it on Pinterest. Like other social media networks, Pinterest allows space to utilize in the “about” section. You need to make the most of this section by providing the right information.

For example, you can ask your followers to visit your website which will increase the traffic. You can also make them click the link to download a guide or checklist, etc. Provide the relevant link and direct them to the landing page to capture leads in no time.

7. Try To Get Rich Pins

If you are wondering, the rich pins are the ones with additional information that help them dominate the Pinterest feed. These rich pins are available for recipes, places, apps, articles or products, etc. However, the popular rich pins on the platform are for articles and products. You can recognize a rich pin on a mobile device by seeing a favicon with the article. For desktop, you can see the pins with favicon and bolded titles to stand out on the Pinterest feed. Rich pins bring a lot of perks. You only need to do work on the back end and complete a validation process. Take help from Pinterest guidelines and you are good to go.

8. Be Consistent

To receive uninterrupted traffic that will ultimately influence the revenue, you need to be consistent in your posting schedule. If you are new to the network, you should consider posting new pins daily. It might sound overwhelming but sharing 3-6 pins a day is a decent start to your journey on Pinterest. Make sure these pins take your followers back to the website and provide interesting content at the same time. Take note that Pinterest also rewards users who pin regularly by promoting it to a wider audience over time.

9. Add Aesthetics Through Pins

Being a visual platform, Pinterest is your place to show off your creativity. You can experiment with the graphics and images as well. Various design tools can also help you build an aesthetically pleasing profile with the right sizing and text on the images. Moreover, Pinterest user’s feed is full of vertically oriented images. So, you can try to keep your images in a similar setting for maximum repins, clicks and of course, engagement.

10. Tell Brand Story

Pinterest can become your next stop for storytelling. From pins to boards, you can use each feature to tell a brand story. A brand story includes ideal lifestyle tips that resonate with the audience.

For example, if you sell barbecue grills, you can create your board around ideas like grilling with family, pool party with friends and grilled food or summertime with kids, etc.

Bottom Line

Whether you run a business or want to create an individual profile, Pinterest can bring lasting results.

Author Bio:

Waqas D. is a co-founder and creative head at FullStop® – A Digital Design Agency based in New York. Waqas helped his clientele with custom logo design and built a solid brand identity for them over the years. He is passionate about creating a valuable brand for his prestigious clients that their audience admires and applaud.

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