10 Useful London Apps to Have on Your Phone

Whether for work or play, London is a city we all gravitate towards at least once in our lives. 

Now that the Big Smoke has emerged as a leading tech hub and important startup ecosystem, more businesses are being drawn to the city where the streets are (figuratively) lined with gold. As one of the most important international finance centres, fintech is a major focus; though, in a thriving and innovative economy, the possibilities for new startups are endless. 

If you’re looking to outsource your IT support to experts in London, experienced and reliable services are always available. 

London’s Best Coffee

Coffee in London dates back to 1652, and it’s still the city’s favourite way to start the day. This is a useful app for caffeine lovers, with more than 200 cafes listed. It mainly focusses on independent cafes and on the inner zones of the city. The app goes into great detail, with information given on types of beans, coffee machines and brewing methods. It is only available on iOS and priced at £2.29.

TFL Oyster

All those who have lived in London know that an Oyster card is an essential for travel on the London buses and the tube. The app allows users to conveniently top up on credit, check your balance, purchase special travel cards and bus passes, view journey history and manage season tickets and cards. It is available free on both iPhone and Android. 


London is a large city to navigate, especially for those new to the place. Citymapper combines all modes of transport to help you to get around more easily. This includes travelling by foot, bus, train, tube, ferry, Uber, taxi and bicycle. A journey planner gives journey times and accounts for disruptions, such as roadworks or maintenance work on the rails. The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android. 

National Trust

For those wishing to appreciate some of Britain’s cultural and natural wonders in their free time, the National Trust app has full information on over 500 sites in Britain and Northern Ireland. This includes gardens, coastlines, historical buildings and events. Useful information is given on the different locations, as well as maps and event details. The app is also available offline and is free for iPhone and Android. 

Santander Cycles

This app is useful if you plan to take part in the self-service bike-sharing scheme available for short journeys within the inner zones of London. This government scheme is aimed at improving the environment and providing a convenient means of transport for London dwellers. The app releases codes to your smartphone that enable access to a bike. It costs £2 to access a bike for 24 hours, then an extra £2 for each additional 30 minutes. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android. 

Hidden London

We all know about the famous sights, but some of us are more interested in the lesser known facts and darkest secrets of the places we visit. Hidden London is created by a true cockney seeking to give an alternative story behind Europe’s biggest city. Sites of interest could be dinosaurs at Crystal Palace, the Roman baths in the centre, or a secret crypt under Fleet Street. This app is free and only for iOS, with in-app purchases available.   

London Pass

An all-round introduction to the capital, the London Pass app is an interactive guidebook that provides information on areas, transport, excursions, public holidays and exchange rates. This can be used in conjunction with a London Pass ticket for entrance to attractions, events and tours, but it is also useful on its own. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.  

Met Office Weather

It is a fairly well-known fact that the weather in Britain isn’t always the most agreeable. In order to stay on top of the latest weather reports, the Met Office is the most reliable source, with accurate and up-to-date information. This is a useful app to give Londoners and London visitors daily and hourly forecasts, with weather warnings and precipitation reports. The app is free for iPhone and Android. 

Time Out London

Time Out has always been the go-to publication for what’s happening in London, and in the digital age it is conveniently available on your mobile. This comprehensive guide provides useful information on restaurants, cinemas, theatres, events, and just about any other way that you could spend your leisure time. It also includes recommendations for certain categories and editors picks. The app is free for iPhone and Android.

The Pub Finder

If London is famous for one thing, then that would have to be its pubs. As the traditional, English way of socialising with a pint and a packet of crisps, London’s pubs shouldn’t be missed. The Pub Finder is a crowd-sourced app that maps out all the pubs in London, as well as the rest of the British Isles. Data is provided by pub visitors, and users can rate pubs to contribute towards an overall score for each. 

Though it can be loud, congested and rainy, London is a great city to be enjoyed by everyone. The adjustment period for London visitors and new residents can be made much easier with a collection of useful apps to provide information and give advice. We can all take advantage of this new technology to enjoy our stay in this ancient and fascinating city.  

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