We cannot talk about the modern virtual structures without referring to the latest CSS3 technology. Many webmasters, who believe in the ability, speed, and power of CSS3, praise the technology behind it especially because it sustains a series of essential tasks that link to multiple IT assignments. While searching for a sensible way to create websites, many specialists have discovered that only CSS3 can deliver it.

Understanding the Role of CSS3

It has already been proved that CSS3 is the only structure that can help web designers to produce pixel-perfect webpages much quicker and simpler than if they would use any other CSS version. Thanks to CSS3, the webpages show a reduced number of HTTP requests and small overall file seizes, which mean that they load much faster than the pages that include other CSS structures. In order to prove the abilities of the latest CSS version, some webmasters have constructed identical websites using different CSS versions. All experiments show that the pages constructed with the help of CSS3 load faster than those developed with other versions of CSS. Besides this aspect, there are many other reasons why you should use CSS3.


Top Reasons Why Many Web Designers Prefer CSS3 to Other CSS Versions

The fact that CSS3 brings along some improvements compared to other CSS versions cannot be denied. The improvements that many users like include the followings:

  1. Programmers and Designers Work Independently: This is a very important reason why most people love CSS3. As the presentation and design tasks that relate to a website do not have to be completed simultaneously, two different people can work on the project of a website. Another great aspect is that the web developer can begin working on the website’s functionality even before the web designer completes the visuals.
  2. Light Pages: Light web pages mean short download times. The pages constructed with the help of CSS3 are easier than those built with other CSS versions because they include fewer codes. In addition, fewer codes allow website developers to find different problems much easier than extensive code structures.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: CSS3 can help your website to rank better in search engines. This is because CSS3 includes a very good code-content ratio, different content appearance options, and backlinks that can bring traffic to websites. Although some experts consider that CSS3 cannot improve the SEO characteristics of a website, the aforementioned three components are very important for SEO.
  4. Design Updates: CSS3 keeps the design elements in one place. This thing gives you the chance to operate any background changes easily. For instance, if you decide that some background elements should be removed from a webpage, the only thing that you need to do is to check the CSS3 file.
  5. Visual Consistency: CSS3 helps web designers to maintain visual consistency regardless of the changes that the client wants. Unlike other website building structures, CSS3 does not require web designers to keep copies of website design in order to return to previous designs after performing particular changes.
  6. Alternate Layouts:  CSS3 permits users to use the same website version for all mobile devices and printers. This thing saves website developers from a lot of hassle as they do not need to create special layouts for different mobile devices and printers.
  7. Design Tools: An impressive aspect about CSS3 is that it provides a range of design tools that enable web designers to create great-looking websites. Similar to illustration programs, CSS3 also allows people to create different control boxes and shapes.
  8. Flexible Design: A great thing about CSS3 is that, unlike some other website design programs, it does allow web designers to use a flexible framework, which permits them to create any possible design structures and reposition things the way they want. Obviously, this is a really great thing especially for those web designers who want to create unique websites.
  9. Individual Customization: CSS3 permits users of Safari, Firefox, and Opera to customize the way websites look. The users can do this by simply using their favorite stylesheets. Although some web designers consider that this alternative is not necessary, it represents a great option for individuals with different accessibility problems, such as low vision.
  10. CSS3 Represents the Future: As more and more technologies continue to change, keeping up with these changes is something that we must do if we want to access information without encountering any issues. As CSS3 links us to the future, using it or knowing a few basic things about it is auspicious especially for those who want to understand different aspects about web design.

These are the most important reasons why numerous web designers use CSS3 instead of other web design structures. The professionals using CSS3 provide even more information about how great this structure is, convincing more and more people to try this solution instead of the regular tablets for webpage layouts and other CSS versions.

This is a contributed post from David Veibl, a writer for Sitepoint , the company bringing the best hostgator coupon to the public.

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