The present business scenario is overpowered with the competitiveness which results in the problems of talent crunch, skilled storage, and retention of good employees. Nowadays, skilled professionals are looking for jobs that offer them balanced growth opportunities with a sense of job satisfaction. It is very important for business organizations to understand the needs of their employees and for this they have to strengthen the HR foundation.

HR professionals need to understand the requirements of employees and create innovative HR policies that accelerate the success of a business and enhance the personal growth of the employees. Human Resource people can try to include different innovative and satisfactory policies in the recruitment process such as –

1. Avoid Job Titles

One of the innovative success policy would be to avoid usage of job titles. The traditional method of hierarchy gives a negative vibe to the employees working on the lower end of the hierarchy. The job titles restrict employees from discovering their full creative potential and create an unproductive environment. When all the employees are working without any job titles, then the cohesive business approach creates a healthy work culture.

2. Share Knowledge

All the companies should understand that sharing productive information with the employees is key to success. With the impart of valuable information employees can learn something new which will enhance their experience and knowledge. The companies should ask old employees to share their information with the new ones so that both employees can learn something one another.

3. Flexible Timing

If organizations want to create a feeling of job satisfaction and loyalty among their employees, then they should implement HR policies where flexible timing opportunities should be given to them. Such as employees can adjust their work shifts or can work from home. This practice will help employees to integrate their personal and professional life successfully. Under this policy, the quality of work is given more priority over the number of hours.

4. Time Off for Volunteering

Today, companies should also work to make their employees better corporate citizens by offering them time off to participate in different volunteering programs. Companies should encourage their employees to take part in the voluntary services support by the company itself like tree plantations, volunteering hospitals or orphanages, etc.,

5. Customizing Job

It is a very innovative approach where a job is created as per the availability of talented professionals. If an employee has a unique skill, then organizations should create a job to use that skill of the employee. This way companies can utilize their employees talented to take the company ahead on the path of success.

6. Think About Employees Wellness

To create a great level of job satisfaction among employees, companies should work on the wellness of their staff also. The programs to look after the physical, as well as the mental wellness of the employees, should be included in HR policies such as fitness classes, healthy diet menu, stress management programs, etc. Websites like Rolling Paper are useful when it comes to doing some research on the latest mental and physical health tips that can help to improve your overall employee wellbeing.

7. Inspire Employees

It is the responsibility of HR to keep employees motivated and inspired always. The employee who feel that what they do is very important, then this inspired them to work even harder. Management should inspire their employees by nurturing their personal growth and supporting their ideas.

8. Reward Practice

Employees work more efficiently when they have hope of getting rewarded after accomplishing the job. This is where performance review software comes in and helps employees become more productive. When an employee works hard or goes out of the way to complete a certain job, then the organization should reward the employee with some extra money or no monetary benefits. This practice will encourage employees to work harder in place of getting rewards.

9. Use Technology

It is an era of technology innovation, that’s why it is appropriate for the HR department to adopt this policy. Technology will make Human Resource Management better. Companies can use video calls along with telephone calls for the recruitment process. They can use the official website for training the employees. Employees can train to take online exams instead of written exams for quick evaluation of performance.

10. Use Gamification

It is a very upcoming trend in the HR department to use gamification. This is an innovative recruitment tool. This approach is used by companies to attract potential employees to their websites. Moreover, companies can provide a virtual tour of their offices or can create video games to give an idea to the employees about their work process. The gamification technology can spike up the internet of the employees and encourage them to apply to the company for a job role.

Well, innovative HR policies are highly interactive and engaging, but unfortunately, not all the HR departments are using them. However, stats show that companies who have adopted these innovative policies are successfully able to increase the growth of their business by acquiring talented employees. With the innovative HR approach, companies can indeed accelerate their success rate.

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