Try Kali Linux : The successor of BackTrack Linux

Try Kali Linux : The successor of BackTrack Linux

You might aware of Back Track Linux which is considered as the best Linux OS for Security testing and hacking.Now its successor debian based Linux distribution called Kali Linux has been released by Offensive Security.

Kali Linux Screenshots

As official website denotes the Kali Linux is highly recommended for professionals who has a sound knowledge about Linux OS.

If you are looking for a Linux distribution to learn the basics of Linux and need a good starting point, Kali Linux is not the ideal distribution for you. You may want to begin with Ubuntu or Debian instead.

 There were many unique concepts and features introduced by Kali Linux

  • Unlike other Linux distros,Kali linux comes with only single root user.
  • To ensure high security the network services are disabled by default.
  • Comes with custom Linux kernel which is a patched for Wireless Injection.

Kali offers more than 300 penetration tools and instead of Firefox it comes with Iceweasel which is a rebranded version of Firefox and supports all the features and Addons that Firefox supports.

The team has done a excellent documentation over Kali linux and you can find answers to your every question at official forum of Kali Linux.

Download Kali Linux ISO From official website

Download Kali Linux ISO From official website

Screenshots of Kali Linux

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