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How to Remove FBI Moneypak virus from your computer in an easy method

by June 10, 2013

It is very annoying experience to get hit by a Virus. It slows down your computer, it hangs or most of the programs won’t open and keep on giving errors. But still people do manage using their PC in spite


How to save webpages as PDFs on iPhone and iPad

by April 15, 2013

Now you can use goole chrome on your iPhone to save WebPages as PDFs.This feature is attributed by the latest Chrome update for iOS.Google named this feature as Google Cloud Print support. However the catch is you can only save the PDF to


Windows 8 Tips & Tweaks You Could Have Missed

by December 18, 2012

Windows 8 is all set to be available for PC users. Before you get your hands on this latest version of OS, be prepared to work on the all new Windows 8. Discussed below are a few tips and tweaks


Top 6 Little Known iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks

by December 10, 2012

While you buy an iPhone 5, it is necessary that you know about its full functionality and features so you can utilize the phone to its full potential. However, the manual of the iPhone does not provide you with some


5 symptoms that your business is using twitter the wrong way

by October 11, 2012

A power lies within the palms of our two hands. It is something, if used correctly, so powerful that it can either make or destroy you! It’s called… Twitter! Twitter is a very powerful social networking tool used widely for


Making Sure Your Computer is Always Backed Up

by July 2, 2012

Losing information due to a computer failure is a nightmare for anyone, but when you are an insurance company and that information belongs to clients, it can be a disaster. Backing up information on laptops, disks and other removable storage