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5 Best To-Do Android Apps to Improve your Productivity

If you are a person leading a  “Hurry up” life, then remembering to remember small task is a hectic task! We all tend to have check list or to-do list so that we keep up with our routines.The ultimate solution … Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia – it’s time you go for it…

Nokia – a great mobile phone manufacturer enjoyed an almost monopoly for most parts of a decade in this new millennium. They had a smooth transition into the smartphone line with their Symbian OS. It let them scale their software … Continue reading

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Hello Sony ! Here is how you can make better Android Smart Phones

I chose Sony Xperia J as my first Android Phone,Things gone pretty well but got slightly disappointed with its performance after few days.I Honestly feel that the look of Sony Smart Phones were better then its competitor Samsung and thats … Continue reading

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Smartphones – A Walk Through

The era of smart phones began in late 1990’s. The first was from IBM called “IBM SIMON”. I am not sure whether  we have heard the name. Still we have to accept that this was called the first ever smart … Continue reading

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Top 6 cutting edge mobile application trends

Mobile applications have taken the tech world by storm in the last couple of years. Here are some of the Hottest Mobile Application Trends for 2012. Paying on the go Mobile payment is becoming a much more mainstream option for … Continue reading

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10 Futuristic phones that we wish were real

For the mobile phone industry the future looks really cool. Mobile phones have evolved rapidly in the last decade and the future only looks too bright. Mobile phones have come a long way from being a gadget that lets you … Continue reading

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Best Android Phones in India below Rs10000 – 2012

Apple doesn’t extended their dominance in India,Which is perfectly used by many other smart phones manufacturers like Samsung,Sony and Nokia.Nokia bet their phones with Windows and Symbian OS,while Samsung and Sony used Android OS for their products and that led … Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S III Review by Multiple Sources

We are launching  new type of Posts called Reviews resources (RR) in which we will be listing the famous reviews about the Electronics Gadgets like Smart Phones,laptops,Ultrabooks and Tablets by various market leaders in this niche. Pros of Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

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When Telephones Couldn’t Play Games

At the ripe old age of 37 I remember well when a telephone was just a telephone. You could use a telephone to speak to people at long distances and, well, that’s it. There were no screens or touchpads to … Continue reading

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My phone is dumb without Internet

I cant even imagine a Mobile phone(I mean smart phones) without an Internet…to be precise I cant live with dumb phone which doesn’t have Internet.What will I do with a phone which doesn’t have Internet ?…I  text to my friends…make … Continue reading

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