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Whats New From Apple ? #WWDC 2013

by June 11, 2013

Apple user’s have tons of good news.Welcome to “year of changes” by Apple inc. So what have all changed ? iOS7 for i devices  and OS X Mavericks for Macs. “We want to make the best product that people use


Which is Better: Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5 ?

by May 22, 2013

In business communication, gadgets and other forms of technology occupy a singular place in ensuring that productivity and efficiency are best achieved in a business setup. From your business telephone, VoIP technology to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Gadgets are inextricably


Disable Google Now to save your iPhone Battery life

by May 8, 2013

Recently Google launched iOS version of Google Now, Which can be used to get all sort of local informations like Weather data,Local traffic,flight schedules etc.Though Google Now is a great companions,it does have a downside. Google Now Application always keeps


How to save webpages as PDFs on iPhone and iPad

by April 15, 2013

Now you can use goole chrome on your iPhone to save WebPages as PDFs.This feature is attributed by the latest Chrome update for iOS.Google named this feature as Google Cloud Print support. However the catch is you can only save the PDF to


How to create custom funny iPhone Text memes

by March 18, 2013

You might have read many funny iPhone text memes in popular websites like 9GAG,Reddit and Facebook.Most of them are not a real one,they can be easily generated by Web Apps like iPhonetextgenerator.com. You can set custom Carrier name,time and contact name.Any number of text


Why to go with LG Nexus 4 instead of iPhone 5 ?

by January 8, 2013

Presently if you are planning to buy a High end phone, you can find two competitors competing hard from different brands. And they are LG Nexus 4 powered with Android OS and Apple iPhone 5 powered with iOS. After this


Top Five iPhone Apps for Film Fans

by November 23, 2012

Film fans with smartphones can take advantage of hundreds of apps designed specifically with movie buffs in mind. From archives to trivia to free cinema tickets there are apps around for almost everything you can think of that has anything


Top 8 Productivity Apps For iPhone

by August 14, 2012

The iPhone’s app store has a large amount of apps that can literally change your world. Nonetheless, many people find it difficult to get the exact apps that they need. Depending on the problems you want to solve with your


The 7 Unknown Features of iOS 5

by July 25, 2012

  Apple added a multitude of new features for its new operating system iOS 5. In the hullabaloo, some of the interesting new additions were not mentioned and remained hidden. Today we look at 7 such features. 1. Keyboard Shortcuts:


The Best SEGA Games on iPhone

by June 26, 2012

When I was growing up, like most of you, I was forced to choose a side when it came to my console of choice. Few children were wealthy enough to afford both a SNES and a Megadrive, but even if

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