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8 Awesome Tools to Create Infographics

A modern Infographic refers to a fairly big image file that is populated with images (and sometimes text) that is supposed to explain a point or get some sort of message across. If you make it big and attractive then … Continue reading

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The Effect of Facebook on your Mind and body [Infographic]

Facebook is often attributed with a decline in socialization, and studies have shown that people spend more of their time online than ever before. Instead of talking to friends, people often choose to spend their time reading about what their … Continue reading

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Websites Hotspot – World Map Dominated by Google

Here is an Interesting world map which clearly reveals that Google is the most dominated website currently across many regions in world including USA,Australia and many European countries.While china is dominated by the worlds second best search engine Baidu and … Continue reading

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Just How Big Is Apple ? – INFOGRAPHIC

The question on many minds is, just how big is Apple? To put it into perspective, there are now nearly as many iOS devices in operation as there are vehicles owned around the world. With 200 million device in operation … Continue reading

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