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How to Run Last Terminal Command but as Root User (SUDO)

by June 2, 2013

Its pretty common that Linux user often runs a command on terminal without SUDO (super user) which requires Super User (root user) permissions.But after login in as a super user with SUDO you need to retype the command (Cannot use


Linux Command to List all Linux Commands

by July 23, 2012

Linux is cool in many ways and sometimes funnier,One such good thing about Linux is you can find everything you want within a Linux.For example You can use a single Linux Command to list the set of Linux commands you


How to change the User Password In Linux via Commandline

by June 7, 2012

It is really simple to change the password for specific user on various Linux distros like Ubuntu,Fedora,Linux Mint,Debian etc. Note that If you are a normal user then you can only change your password only and Super User or Administrator


How to delete a files and Directory in Ubuntu – Linux Commands

by May 18, 2012

In this article i discussed various commands used in Linux operating system to delete a files and Directories via Terminal. lets assume this is the sample directory which is i am going to use for demonstration and I am working


How to find my Linux Kernel Version via command line ?

by May 17, 2012

This is a very useful Linux Command which will help you to learn about your system little bit deeper,You can able to get your Operating System properties like Kernel name,Kernel version and Kernel release date. Type below command in your


List of some cool and funny Linux commands

by May 5, 2012

Well we do lot of geeky stuffs via Terminal but for a change lets have some fun in our own way.Here is a list of commands which is not mostly know and seems funny but some of these commands will