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How to use your Macbook as a WiFi Hotspot – Share Internet

by July 6, 2013

Macbook’s are one of the finest and top performing laptops out there,In fact Macbook Pro was named as the best hardware to use Windows.Apart from stylish look and build it also comes with variety of features that you can’t expect


Top Android Features Apple should add in iOS

by July 2, 2013

Apple has expanded its kingdom by letting iOS fight out the race with Android. However, with time Android has placed itself on a high pedestal keeping iOS dry and low. It is time for Apple to make some much required


Whats New From Apple ? #WWDC 2013

by June 11, 2013

Apple user’s have tons of good news.Welcome to “year of changes” by Apple inc. So what have all changed ? iOS7 for i devices  and OS X Mavericks for Macs. “We want to make the best product that people use


Downward journey of Apple [Infographic]

by April 16, 2013

Apple is the most valued and often called as most innovative company which grew as a giant within a decade.Well,Still Apple is the most valued company globally but its current symptoms shows us that it need to pull something bigger


Smartphones – A Walk Through

by December 11, 2012

The era of smart phones began in late 1990’s. The first was from IBM called “IBM SIMON”. I am not sure whether  we have heard the name. Still we have to accept that this was called the first ever smart


The 7 Unknown Features of iOS 5

by July 25, 2012

  Apple added a multitude of new features for its new operating system iOS 5. In the hullabaloo, some of the interesting new additions were not mentioned and remained hidden. Today we look at 7 such features. 1. Keyboard Shortcuts:


Damaged iPad Digitizer Screen? Not a Problem – You Can Fix it Yourself!

by June 12, 2012

Replacing a damaged iPad digitizer screen is a fairly straightforward DIY project that almost anyone can tackle. Digitizer screens are made from glass, and the screen can become cracked or broken after a fall of only a few feet. The


Galaxy tab2 vs Apple iPhone 4s!!!

by June 9, 2012

Samsung has outdone Apple and is now the new leader in the smart phones. Still threats posed by the Apple is obviously a concern  not only Samsung but also for other smart phone makers. Let us not worry about the


Top 10 Games For The Apple iPad 3

by June 5, 2012

The iPad 3 comes with a Retina Display screen which makes everything look sharp, crisp and fresh. The device is also designed to provide a better gaming experience. Here are the Top 10 Games specially created for the iPad 3.


7 iPhone Apps that Foodies Shouldn’t Miss out

by June 3, 2012

Whether you like boiled eggs or stake, pizza or cake, the iPhone can help you prepare them all quickly and easily, or find the best restaurant in your area where you can eat them. If you’re a foodie and you’re