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Must-Have Energy Efficiency Apps for 2013

by October 13, 2013

Energy consumption is one of the expenses that should be monitored by businesses. However, the many tasks and meetings don’t give owners or even employees the time to do so. That is why it is important to adopt mechanisms that


5 Best To-Do Android Apps to Improve your Productivity

by August 14, 2013

If you are a person leading a  “Hurry up” life, then remembering to remember small task is a hectic task! We all tend to have check list or to-do list so that we keep up with our routines.The ultimate solution


How to Password Protect WhatsApp and other Android Apps

by May 8, 2013

Whether your sibling trying to expose your secrets to your parents or your girlfriend sneaking out to find your relationship with other girls,Accessing your mobile phone might be the best thing to do. Messenger Lock and APP Lock are your best option when it


How to play Android Games on Windows and Mac OSx

by April 16, 2013

Yep,You read it correctly.Not just android games but you can also use thousands of Android apps on your Windows Tablet,PC with Widows and even on your Mac. BlueStacks is a free Android Apps emulator which is awarded as the best


Make Anonymous calls and SMS on Android : Here comes the Burner

by April 11, 2013

Much awaited popular iPhone app called Burner finally lands on Google Play.Burner App can be used to make anonymous calls and texts with a disposable phone number. The concept is really simple,You choose a temporary phone number according to your


Use An Android spy App If You Wish To Control Any Bad Habits of Your Kids

by April 5, 2013

Texting is one of the favorite past time for teenagers nowadays. With Android phones gaining more and more popularity with every passing day, the use of SMS messaging over Android phones is increasing at a faster pace. Kids in particular


How to get Ubuntu Touch look on Android Phones

by March 14, 2013

Recently Ubuntu has announced its venture into Smart Phone and Tablet market with its new product: Ubuntu OS for smart phones. Few days back its developer version called Ubuntu Touch preview has been made available for initial testing. Currently Ubuntu


Six Must-Have Android Jelly Bean Security Apps

by March 5, 2013

With hackers capitalizing on the loopholes in Android’s open source platform, there has been a huge increase in the exploits of Android phone users. While Android is a user-friendly mobile operating system that supports a range of devices, the mobile


Boot ISO Image Files directly From Your Mobile using Drivedroid

by February 27, 2013

While messing around Google play store, I found this app called Drivedroid. It allows you to boot any ISO image file directly from your mobile. At first, I was thinking like where it could be used and if it is


How to install WhatsApp on Any Android Tablet

by February 25, 2013

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging App which is available for both Android Smartphones and iPhone.One of the biggest drawback is you canot install directly in any Android tablet. Here is a hack by Suleiman which get you run WhatsApp in any Android

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