XBOX : A Few Top Games

GAMES! They are always fun , irrespective of one’s age.


When you experience the game in XBOX am sure you would turn into a child from an adult.

Here is the best or highly rated games that you can enjoy on XBOX.

FAR CRY 3   RATED: 9.0

The game dictates you are stranded on  island that is lawless and cruel. You step into the shoes  of Jason Brody, now you to choose the battles that you fight and behave as if you are inhuman killing all your enemies you see all the way to finish.

HALO 4      RATED:9.0

This is the fourth release of its kind. Here as per the story line up the Master chief returns to the battle bent on vengeance.

One of its user commented  “Possibly the best Halo YET!!! Amazing installment to the series. Halo 4 changes from bungie but sticks to its roots” 


It’s a action- adventure game that is set to take place in 1775 colonial America.

The earlier version have been a great block buster and this is too!!

It has been released for both PC and PS3


It the subsequence of 2010’s Black Ops.

The game has been designed with futuristic view the weapons used are so. It gives more information about background details and more value from users point of view.It has single-player campaign, competitive multi player, and zombies mode.

On XBOX the game seems to fall down on its rating but still its a great experience.

“So enjoy them and share your views, after all whose doesn’t wanna play games “

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Smartphones – A Walk Through

The era of smart phones began in late 1990’s. The first was from IBM called “IBM SIMON”.

I am not sure whether  we have heard the name. Still we have to accept that this was called the first ever smart phone and then in the race were Motorola and RIM.

Then it was in 2007 the Apple.Inc  came with its successful model iphone which later revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry.

Let us walk along the paths of history and see where the innovation began in smart phone industry


Research In Motion, develop the BlackBerry  7250 model, which it claimed to be first to offer CDMA connectivity and Bluetooth. This was probably around 2005.



Google Android is the most dominating platform in the smart phone industry.

It was HTC dream project . T-Mobile G1 which laid the platform the development of Google’s  Android.

This mobile was released year later iPhone.


Then it was the MOTOROLA that actually hinted about Android platform.

It did happen. It came with DROID in 2009. It also had additional features like physical keyboard, very exciting screen and free GPS navigation.



Next phone that dethroned Apple as smart phone leader, “Samsung’s GALAXY S3”.With its awesome touch screen and Android platform featuring many application left the people stunned.



The sixth generation of the iPhone  is the next move of Apple and it is a success story for them. And it is evident that Apple has already slashed the market gains of Android.


This is a smart phone generation who might know, the next can be a Virtual world!!!


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Top 6 Little Known iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks

While you buy an iPhone 5, it is necessary that you know about its full functionality and features so you can utilize the phone to its full potential. However, the manual of the iPhone does not provide you with some hidden facts and functionality features. You have to search for online tips and tricks so that you will be able to use the phone and never get tired of any feature that you do not understand.

However, always make sure that you do not apply tips on the technical features of the iPhone. For example, if some tip says you can unscrew the iPhone of any part of its body to get an advantage in its features or enhance its speed; do not go for such kinds of tips. Only use certain tips that increase the capability of the phone without tearing it down. Some of the safer tips are as follows:

iPhone 5

1) The iPhone may sometimes not respond to your commands and activities. You may lose its functionality if you reset it. However, getting it out of its comma situation is very easy without harming the specs. Tap and hold down the home button. Simultaneously, tap the sleep/wake button. The phone will revive.

2) Using the Safari to save data is very easy. If you like an image on a webpage and do not know how to save it, simply tap and hold on the image. A pop-up menu will appear telling you to save the image. You can save it to your offline photo stream in your phone.

3) While browsing, sometimes the pages are so long and you scroll to the bottom. Then going to the top is very time taking. For this, you can tap twice at the top of the screen to scroll the page right up to the top without you manually scrolling it up.

4) Taking pictures with an iPhone is very difficult. Your hands shake and sometimes you have to stop breathing to capture a less distorted image. However, there is a solution to it. Attach the headphones to the phone. Place the phone in the position to take the picture of the object, on a smooth surface. Click the headphone button, as it will work like the button of the camera in the iPhone.

5) If you want to start the media player for songs while you are in the middle of work, typing emails and you do not want to close every app, all you need is to hit the home button twice. A menu bar will pop up at the bottom. You can scroll to the left to get media player buttons on it. Play your son, tap the button twice again to hide the menu bar and keep working without interruption.

6) Use Siri for the voice functions. Tap and hold the home button for a few seconds. The Siri microphone icon will appear. You can tell it to write for you, text to your contacts, dial calls for you etc. you can also talk to it like you are talking to a person. You can ask about weather form it for everyday and it will recommend you to take an umbrella when it rains. You can also ease up work for Siri by defining relationships with your contacts like brother, sister, etc. then you can tell it to call sister, and it will.

For other tips, look for blogs online and search the tips with Google. However, keep in mind that whatever you do, do buy protective accessories for your phone. It is a very delicate phone and needs protection from dust, harm, damages, and scratches. You can either buy skins and cases, or go for mobile phone insurance which is affordable, yet offers good cover levels.

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Top 6 cutting edge mobile application trends

Mobile applications have taken the tech world by storm in the last couple of years. Here are some of the Hottest Mobile Application Trends for 2012.


Paying on the go

Mobile payment is becoming a much more mainstream option for smart phone consumers, but it won’t get really big until the middle of this decade. That’s because those who’ve designed and sold it still have some problems with user-friendliness as well as some security glitches. These are expected to be worked out completely in due time. You want to keep your eyes peeled, specifically for the words “Near Field Communication” (NFC), because this is going to be big.

Context-Aware Apps

Smart phones are going to be one heck of a lot smarter once they’ve been equipped with context awareness. This exciting new technology has a great ability to incorporate the particular user’s entire presence-of-mind into the overall interactive experience. It’s not just about marketing, but it sure could make a difference in that department as well. Your interests, ideas, surroundings, plans, friendships, etc., will all be heavily considered in tailoring all kinds of stuff for you.

Recognizing Objects

With the tremendously sophisticated sensors and processors included with upscale mobile models, you have advanced environmental sensitivity. Object recognition is inherently a breeze to use, so the only prohibition for users is the price, which is likely to fall steeply this year or next. The great thing about object recognition is that it is easy to use synergistically with other existing applications, allowing for much more intelligent and effective experiences.

Video on the Go

The popularity of mobile video is already great, but it’s going to reach new heights as the technology gets better and less expensive. You see everybody taking videos of every event imaginable – sometimes to public chagrin, but quite often for great justice. The sociological implications of mobile video are best left to the professors… if you are an investor, a tech nerd, or just a trend follower in general, these are exciting times for mobile video

Personal Cloud

As the cloud grows more advanced and secure, the choice of it over a traditional PC is quickly manifesting itself as the no-brain choice. The cloud platform concept has turned out to be the perfect solution for app-heavy mobile society, on both the macro and individual levels. Everything computer oriented will be curated and hosted much more perfectly on the cloud, and user experience will be all the richer.

QR Scanning

Those mutated barcodes have been appearing everywhere lately, and that’s not likely to stop until there’s some kind of horrible global catastrophe, or something else really cool comes along to replace them. For now, they’re all the rage, allowing for quick transmission of information about, well, just about anything to your mobile device. Don’t be afraid of the mark of the beast.

Author Bio:
Brain Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix Mobile. Forix specializes in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms and have recently started serving clients with their initiatives in mobile app development Phoenix, AZ.

Image by Nick Chill Photography

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Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs to be on Foursquare

If you had not known or heard about Foursquare, it is time you learnt something about it right now and why it is so indispensable for your small business. An easier way to understand Foursquare is by looking at what it can do to your business and how it has helped hundreds and thousands of business owners like you to multiply their sales and maintain rapport with their customers.


Foursquare is in reality a piece of app that will let your friends and customers know your location, what you have been doing, what you have found interesting there and even inspire your friends and you to plan your next move.

The other angle to Foursquare is the recommendation that it can give you to find some new places to see, based on where you have been and what others are doing in a location. That means immense benefits for you. You will not have to ask others about availability and the silly little questions that travelers usually ask.

One of the first prerequisites for a good customer relationship is your availability and your location details even if you are on the move constantly. When your customers know where you are, it unconsciously builds a psychological closeness to you and your business. Of course that means compromising a little on your privacy, but you should not mind that considering the enormous benefits it will bring to your business.

The other thing that might be music to your ears is the fact that 25 million users are already using the app and is growing stronger day by day.

When you get the Foursquare app you are throwing open your business to a vast array of customers who may want to discover your place. Whether you own a specialty restaurant or one that is made for a particular ethnic group you will surely be found by millions of other Foursquare users.

If you have known Foursquare and don’t know how to use it, simply follow the steps and soon you will have become a veteran user yourself. Most of it is intuitive and simply superb and well designed even for the naïve.

The first step is you must create a personal account. That you can do by going to: and providing the information they want. When you are there, you will have two options to sign up. You can either use your Facebook account or you can simply take the more scenic route by providing your email address. The choice is really yours.

The next few things you need to do are search for your businesses and claim them. Claiming is fairly simple and easy. All that you have to do is type in the query and when you see the answer just click on ‘Claim Here’ and you will have claimed your business.

Another possibility is sometimes you may not see your business in some localities, in which case, to claim, you will have to provide more information for making a claim. Sometimes, it is also possible that you are not limited to a couple of locations.

If your business is spread across more than 10 locations you will have to submit a special form for using Foursquare at all places. One of the useful features that will help you develop your business is the free analytics. It will give you information about foot customers whom you can target as your prospective customers. Is that not enough reason to become a Foursquare user straightaway?

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How to become a Instagram Rockstar : More Followers,More Likes and More Influence

Intstgaram is a social networking tool for mobile platform,It gained a lot of users within few days of launching.Facebook foreseen its popularity and quickly acquired for a huge sum.

People often deceived by believing only good photos can get you more followers and likes.I do believe in that theory but only partially.

It is possible to gain more followers without posting awesome pictures,I am not backing without evidence,you can check that most popular people in Instagram don’t post awesome pictures everyday.

Then what makes them the Rockstar ???

Thats what you are going to learn in this post.

Instagram Rockstar

Tags Matters a lot

HashtagMost people do mistake on this,either they don’t add tag to their photo or they use their own tags.

Recenlty I happened to experience the result of this effect.Often I was not adding tags in my picture and by seeing my friends photo tag ,I gave try to add that tag in my next photo .

Did you know what happened ? The result was amazing…I got more than 5 likes whom I don’t even know or follow.

The people who like your photo may also follow you,So add some of these popular tag to get noticed in the crowd


Connect your Facebook Account

It’s a wise decision to connect your Facebook account on Instagram. This will fetch some followers from your Facebook friend list.

Also If you have any popular facebook page then start posting your Images there also.

facebook-likeComment and Like

Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.  ~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Yes your karma follows you everywhere ,It’s applicable in web also.

If you comment and like on other people photos,More likely that they will also do the same for you.

but there is a catch in this method…If you comment on photos which got more than thousand comments and several thousand likes then there is no use of doing so.

So find the people who are like you and has small followers base.Then start networking with them.

You will start to notice amazing results very soon.

Timing also Matters a lot

time-management-clockThere are some timings when Instagram gets crowded.So if you post your Images at that time then you have high probability to get many likes and comments.

So If you ever want to post a photos,post it on these timings

  • 5PM PST on Monday
  • 3PM PST on Wednesday
  • 3PM PST on Thursday

Okay that were my idea behind becoming a Instagram Rockstar.

If you post good images combing above promoting strategies then you are more likely to many followers than just posting crappy images and hopping to get tons of followers.

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Technology Makes Your Home Simpler Than Ever

These days, technology is not only exciting and something so many of us look forward to but it is also making lives for millions of people much easier than ever before.

These days, technology is turning video games into a form of exercise, teaching our children even when we are too busy to be there and spend that quality time together and allowing us to view our homes even when we are nowhere in the vicinity.

Today, we are going to focus on a few other ways you can enjoy your home like never before. We think you are going to be surprised by what you hear. Don’t hesitate to tell us about other changes that you personally enjoy.

Transparent Televisions

If you’ve ever felt like your TV was simply in the way when it wasn’t in use, then you are not alone. So many of us have tried our best to keep our TVs up on the wall or in locations where they do not capture the attention of the entire room.

We have recently stumbled upon a new technology that we thought each of you would enjoy. Did you know there are actually televisions available that are transparent? When they are not in use, you can literally see through them.

The only parts of the television that are visible are the base and the stand. Not only does this bring less attention to the set as a whole but it also adds a little artsy flair to your bedroom. Be prepared for the people asking if you have a TV.

Now all of the hard work that you spent on the colors and design of the room isn’t going to feel as though it was wasted.

Complete Room Controls

Do you ever feel stressed when you are walking through your home? Especially if you have children, you may feel as though you are running around like a chicken with their head cut off to keep up with all the lights they keep turning on, televisions and so much more.

These days, more and more parents are finding new ways to keep tabs on everything in each room. There are actually control systems that can be installed where your light switch used to be. Not only do they control your lighting but also things such as your entertainment center and your blinds. This means, you technically don’t even have to step foot in the room to adjust things.

Door Handles that Clean Themselves

This is one we thought was pretty neat. These handles are great for not only those neat freaks out there, but also anyone who has children. Germs have a way of spreading fast and it’s not always easy to remember to clean every little nook and cranny.

When you have door handles that clean themselves, this means you have one less thing to worry about. Even this simple change is going to cause the spread of illness to be greatly reduced.

Attached Images:
  • License: Creative Commons image source
  • License: Creative Commons image source

Patricia Thompson is an interior designer and has undertaken a lot of projects. She tries to make use of the latest technologies for homes such as ceiling insulation automatic home appliances and green ways of living.

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Two Way Radios by Tech Wholesale

Two way radios or Walkie Talkies are one of the earliest mode of short distance communication devices and It finds its application in various contexts,even though Advanced Communication systems has evolved.

You may wonder why we still need to use Two Way radios ? because we have advanced mobile communication devices than that.

Your cell phones won’t be working anywhere,It depends on the location.A great example is when you went for a trekking you probably cant use Cell Phones since at highly areas there won’t be any Mobile phone Transmitters.

Especially In disaster periods like Hurricane attack and Earthquake,Your cellphone won’t be useful.

Another advantage is,Its cheap.You don’t need to pay monthly bill either.

Tech Wholesale is the Industry’s Best Two Way Radios Distributors.

Their customers includes Microsoft,GE,NASA, IBM,AT&T,Dell, Disney, MIT, Harvard,Yale,Starbucks and several other Fortune 500 companies and Educational institutions.

Advantages of buying at Tech Wholesale

  1. Affordable Price – You can get Radios for the Lowest price which you can’t find anywhere.
  2. Safety and Privacy – They already dealt with the best companies in the world,You are very safe with their sophisticated payment system.
  3. Their Service is extremely good,Your product will be dispatched on the same day of ordering.

Basically Two way Radios comes in Three specifications UHF,VHF and FRM/GMRS.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) type walkie talkies are best suited for indoor use.Since the waves are shorter,It gets you best signal reception by penetrating the walls.You can also use UHF device outdoor also but it won’t give higher range.

VHF(Very High Frequency) type walkie talkies are good for long distance communication but It has serious drawback.There should be Line of Sight in order to properly work under this frequency.

You can use this type of devices in locations where there are not much obstacles.

If you are willing to use it both on indoor and outdoor purposes then UHF type devices are best.

You can get more details here –

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The 6 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for the New Year

Well, the year’s kind of half over now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to download the latest, greatest plug-ins. The good news is most of these plugins are free, or at least at a low-cost price. Plug-ins are typically free, while premium wordpress templates are what cost you the big bucks. So, if you don’t mind spending a few hours installing and customizing plug-ins you may find self-customization advantageous to your site. So let’s start with the top 6 WordPress plugins.

1. Social Sharing Buttons

Social networking is the greatest thing to happen to low traffic sites. Write or produce something spectacular and you could ride the viral wave to Internet stardom. Of course, people on social networking sites are generally lazy…they are not going to go out of their way to publicize you. What they will do, however, is share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or any other number of social media sites. Make sure that your site makes everything possible with just one click. Anything more than a click is just way too much responsibility!

2. Sexy Bookmarks

This is one of the most popular plugins for 2012 and this option helps you maximize social bookmarking attention. When you install this feature, you can add different “buttons” to your blog and also customize a small line of text for personalization. Remember the other big thing of the 2010 decade: social bookmarking sites, in addition to social media sharing pages.

3. Social Metrics Plug-In

Yes, you can actually track how well your posts are doing on all the top social networks using the Social Metrics plugin. This lets you analyze all of this demographic content right on the dashboard of the WordPress interface. Remember, web stats only tell half the story. This plugin allows you track each post when compared to each other. The setup is very easy and you can start tracking within seconds!

4. The Hello Bar

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello. The Hello Bar is a remarkably simple plugin that is just going wild as of late, because everyone wants to send a “customized” message to their audience—you know, beyond the web copy and formality of making an announcement. The Hello Bar lets you customize the message, whether it’s a personal greeting or even a special deal or coupon code.

5. 5Sec Google Map

Ever tried to insert Google Maps into WordPress manually? It’s a huge pain! However, this plugin makes everything easy. All you have to do is install the program and from there you can expect an easy conversion with Google Maps. Your traffic can find you on the map in as little as “five seconds.” Besides that, you are get 12 predefined markers, customizable bubble descriptions, and even multiple maps on a single page if you have use for it.

6. WordPress Newsletter Plugin

This is another great idea. How hard is it to create an email form and adapt it to WordPress? With this handy little plugin, you can actually create an entire system for lightweight email marketing all on the WordPress dashboard. This commercial plugin is perhaps the most expensive of our selection here, but it does offer the gathering of unlimited subscribers, multiple emailing lists, templates for letters, opt-in fields you can customize and various other features. You don’t have to split the profits with an autoresponder company. Just pay the usage and keep all your subscription profits.

These are just some of the many available plugins for WordPress in 2012. Be sure to check out 2013 selections, which promise to be even bigger and better.

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Enjoy the experience of Android on camera now!

If you are a smart phone user and use your phones to click photos and share them on social networking site


You are a photography hobbyist and need lot a editing tools handy and instantly.

I you belong to either of these categories,then you might want to consider buying the new  “GALAXY camera” from the makers “GALAXY TABS”, The Samsung ltd.

GALAXY camera is the dubbed version of the Galaxy tab .Samsung boasts it as ”This camera makes a generation shift” priced at Rs.29,900 in India is an “ANDROID  CAMERA” which would just fit in your pocket with its 4.8 inch highly sensitive touch screen display.



It come in loaded with the latest android 4.1[jelly bean] and has the provision to upload the photos and videos directly into social networking sites through its 3G/4G enabled Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is equipped with 21x super long zoom lens and super bright 16M BSI CMOS sensor, it also features smart mode and whooping 35 photo editing tools inbuilt, which must satisfy a photography hobbyist/geek.

Now the camera is only available in two colors Black and white and Samsung says it would release it other colors too.

So, if you are in pursuit of buying a new camera and searching online and comparing them, then I might suggest that you can add his to your cart for comparison .

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