Boost Your Drop Shipping Business Workflow With EMERGE App

There’s no ignoring drop shipping as a viable business model for small and medium-sized businesses selling products online. It has opened the floodgates to allow entrepreneurs — many of them first-time business owners — to sell low-cost products from China while their supplier handles inventory and shipments. In this article, we’ll focus on reviewing its best features and how they can help you improve your drop shipping workflow.

About EMERGE App

EMERGE App is a fully-featured cloud-based order, purchase and inventory management solution. It also integrates with other e-commerce software and marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. In doing so, it aims to consolidate all your sales orders in one place. As such it is like a Swiss Army knife of inventory software for businesses that deal in physical goods and sell through multiple sales channels.

Time-Saving Workflow

For drop shipping sales EMERGE App offers a semi-automated workflow that keeps you in full control of the process. This may not sit well with sellers who want a fully automated drop shipping process. However, it is obvious that much thought has been put into their workflow because things can and will go wrong with drop shipments. You can intervene anytime and control the pace of the drop shipping process.

Firstly, it lets you assign a default supplier to each of your products. So when you create a drop shipping purchase order, your default supplier will automatically be chosen. This saves you time and removes uncertainty as there is no more hunting for and guessing the right supplier for the products.

Your sales orders are then automatically imported from your e-commerce stores or EMERGE Cart, their B2B purchasing platform. EMERGE Cart is bundled for free with EMERGE App. It allows you to create purchasing accounts for your favourite customers, lets customers browse a personalised product catalogue, and then check out with a familiar shopping cart metaphor.

Handle Complicated Orders With Ease

With a sales order, you can drop ship all the items in the order or some of them. For each item in an order you can even select individual suppliers to drop ship from. This way items in one order can be conveniently drop shipped from multiple suppliers if you want to. This gives you the flexibility in the event a supplier has just stocked out on a certain product but is able to ship the rest of the items

The next step is to issue a drop shipping purchase order so that your supplier can ship the items directly to your customer. Here, you can do it from within the sales order, another time-saving shortcut. You need not click between different screens while trying to remember the sales order number that you’re working on. Once a purchase order has been created you can convert it to a drop ship shipment with a click.

Finally, you can toggle the shipment status once your customer has received the drop shipped items from your supplier. This will change the status of the delivery order to Delivered. At the sales order listing a delivery van icon can be seen next to the order. So at a glance, you can see which orders have been fulfilled and which ones are awaiting delivery. This is important as your supplier is responsible for shipping the orders out on time and accurately.


EMERGE App is a powerful and fully-featured order, purchase and inventory management solution that handles drop shipping orders well. It gives you complete control over your drop shipping workflow as orders make their way to shipments. While this may mean more human effort is needed to process drop shipping orders, you get the ability to intervene and fix things in return. I highly recommend EMERGE App for power users and there is a no-risk, free account to try.

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Phone Monitoring Like Never Before – FoneMonitor

Spy phone softwares come in all shapes and sizes and owing to the numerous ways in which they are used, these softwares are becoming hugely popular. They are utilized in a number of ways: a parent could use these softwares to keep an eye on their minor child, an employer could be using these to monitor their employee’s company provided smartphone or any individual could use these to track their smartphone in the case of theft or loss. However, with the large number of softwares out in the market, one often finds it confusing to choose the right software with the perfect balance of features and cost.

Lucky for all the people facing this confusion, we are going to be reviewing one such software today. FoneMonitor for Android is a phone-monitoring software that lets you keep track on everything your minor-kid or employee could be doing on his Android smartphone. Whether they are making a call, browsing a certain something, texting someone or using an app, you’ll be able to exactly know what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with. Read on to find out more about FoneMonitor’s features.

*Phone spying softwares should be used ethically and shouldn’t be installed on an adult’s phone without their prior knowledge. Doing so is not only unethical but might also land you in legal trouble.


  • Monitor text message

Whether they’re using iMessage or SMS, you will have access to all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone. Not only that, you will also have access to the contact details of the sender or receiver of the text and you can also download any attachments that came with the texts. You can also track text messages on iPhone.

  • Track GPS location

FoneMonitor not only allows you to track the target device’s current GPS location but also gives you a detailed map of their past locations. To put it in simple words, you can track phone of your kid or employee. 

  • Monitor call logs and check contacts

You can access the call logs of the target device and get information about the caller’s contact name, number, call duration and call time. The device’s contact list will also be accessible.

  • Track internet history

FoneMonitor gives you access to the device’s browser history so you can know exactly what the person has been visiting on their phone. It also displays the time spent on each URL and the time and date of visit. 

  • Monitor app activities

This feature shows all the apps installed on the Android device and interestingly, the photos from these apps basically allowing you to hack phone. 

  • Monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media apps’ messages, photos, videos

A long list of social media apps including Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Instagram, Viber, Kik, Tinder, WeChat, QQ, Hangouts, Telegram, Messenger and Tumblr can all be monitored using FoneMonitor. You can view the media files uploaded, the chat threads, contacts etc. in your Dashboard. 

  • Keylogger

Like any other Keylogger, you can monitor what the user is typing into his Chrome browser or into his SMS to any contact using this feature.

  • No ROOT and no Jailbreak necessary

Spying softwares only find use if the user doesn’t know they are being spyed upon and this is where most phone-spying softwares lose their purpose. Many of these apps require the smartphone to be rooted in order to be monitored. The user however can easily find out if his Android smartphone has been rooted without his prior knowledge and this can raise suspicion.

Unlike these softwares, FoneMonitor does not require the smartphone to be rooted. Hence, you can spy on the target without raising any suspicion.


Other than being feature rich, FoneMonitor is super easy to use. In order to start monitoring any Android device, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Register with FoneMonitor on their website.
  2. Install the FoneMonitor app on the device to be monitored.
  3. Log-in to your FoneMonitor account on any browser and monitor the phone remotely.

These steps are explained in detail below:

  • Register with FoneMonitor

Proceed to and click on the “Try It Now” button. You will then be guided to the signup page where you have to fill in your details, choose the payment plan and make the payment.

  • Install the app and grant permissions

After you complete the signup process, you will be asked to enter the “Teenager’s name”, “Teenager’s Name” and the “Mobile Device” under which you have to choose the Android option.

The proceed to on the Android device to be monitored and download the FoneMonitor app. Before you try installing the app, make sure the “Unknown Sources” option in the device’s setting under the “Security” menu is enabled. This will allow you to install third-party apps on the phone. Also remember to uncheck this option after installing FoneMonitor.

Once the app is installed, grant it all the permissions it requires and log-in with the registered account. Once done, click on the “Start Monitoring” button. This will put the device under monitoring and also delete the FoneMonitor app from the device so that the user does not know his device is being monitored.

  • Monitor the device remotely

Once all the setup is done, all you have to do is log-in to your FoneMonitor account on any browser and you can start to monitor phone remotely and view all the required data in your dashboard.


FoneMonitor is available in 2 variants: Premium Edition and Ultimate Edition. Below are the features you get with each of these editions.

Both the editions are available on 3-subscription models, namely Monthly, 3-Monthly and Yearly. The Premium variant costs you $29.99, $39.99 and $89.99 for the 3 models respectively while the Ultimate variant sets you back by $39.99, $49.99 and $99.99.

All in all, the device is more than efficient at monitoring and spying on the target phone. It gives you detailed reports in a neat fashion in the dashboard and the software is easy to use with a simplified UI. All the different apps and phone-utilities like the call records and GPS location that can be tracked are neatly arranged on the left side of the dashboard. The Ultimate Edition of FoneMonitor even allows you to monitor all the popular social media apps which is all one can ask for. If you opt for the yearly plan, the Ultimate plan ends up costing you $8.33 which is not much to pay for these many features at all.

You can visit and to view a demo of FoneMonitor.

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How To Fix The iPhone Error 9 And iTunes Error 9

Despite being the officially-recommended tool, iTunes isn’t the perfect way to manage your iPhone or other iOS devices. We are not even talking about the problems of UI or the limitations from Apple itself. Actually, we are more concerned about the errors like iPhone Error 9 and iTunes Error 9. These errors can totally be a nightmare when you’re in a hurry.

This is what happens: you are trying to restore a backup to your iPhone or upgrade the iOS version via iTunes interface. Instead of the Successful message, all you get is the iTunes Error 9. This error is a dead-end in the sense that you cannot move forward. Unlike most people, think, however, there are effective ways to fix the iPhone Error 9 easily. You need not to be a tech expert for this.

In this article, we will share with you the most effective way on how to fix the iTunes Error 9. Before we talk about the perfect option, we will go through some of the common suggestions.

Common but Not-So-Effective Suggestions for Fixing iTunes Error 9

These are some of the commonly suggested methods to avoid the iTunes Error 9 from happening.

  • You should update iTunes to the latest version. The error may occur when you are running an older version of the software. Of course, you have to download the software from the official Apple page.
  • You have to make sure that your device is properly connected via USB. Errors in the connection may also cause the issue
  • You have to ensure that the system settings don’t prevent a connection to Apple servers. If that’s the case, you can reset the settings.

As it happens, not all these suggestions would work all the time. So, we have a sure-shot option for fixing an iTunes Error 9.

Wondershare dr.fone — the Ultimate Solution to Fix iTunes Error 9

We are going to use an awesome piece of software to fix the most common iTunes Error 9. Compared to all the methods we’ve listed above, this one is more effective and simpler. In just a few seconds or minutes, it lets you repair the damaged device.

Talking about the software, Wondershare dr.fone is a complete management utility for iOS devices. Although it has multiple sections, we are using the feature named ‘Repair’. This section lets you repair your iPhone or iPad from common errors, including this one. Now that you have an idea, we will move onto the tutorial for doing this.

How to Fix the iPhone Error 9 Using Wondersharedr.fone?

In order to fix the error using Wondershare dr.fone, you can follow the steps we’ve listed below.

Step #1

Once you have installed Wondershare dr.fone on your device, you have to open the software. Now, connect your damaged iPhone using a USB cable.

Wondershare dr.fone may take a second or two for recognizing the connected device. Once that’s done, you can click on the Start button to continue.

Step #2

In this step, Wondershare dr.fone would download the iOS firmware required for repairing the device. For doing this, you have to provide information about the device.

You can provide data such as the iPhone model and its number. Once that’s done, you can click on Download button for the file download to begin.

Step #3

Once Wondershare dr.fone has downloaded the firmware, it would start the Repair process. Normally, this would take around 10 minutes. Wait while your iPhone gets into the Recovery mode and everything is fine.

As the tool progresses, you will see instructions on the screen itself. As you proceed further, you will be able to find your iPhone back in the working position.

It means that you have completed fixing your iPhone from the iTunes Error 9. Don’t you think the process was so cool?

The Bottom Line

Do you know that Wondershare dr.fone is also the safest way to repair and recover your iPhone. As long as the iTunes Error 9 goes, Wondershare dr.fone will be enough to fix all the aspects of it. Compared to the lot of features you get, we’d say the software is quite reasonable as well. Of course, you can use the completely free version if you are interested.

Click Here To Try dr. fone – Repair (iOS System Recovery)

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VR Hosting: How To Choose the #1 Provider For You

VR Hosting sounds like a really minute technical detail. Just stick your content anywhere, right? Actually, no. Hosting is related to many aspects of VR and has a lot of impact on the final result of your 360 content, on your work and time, and on your viewers’ experience. So when you try to decide where to host your 360 content, here are a few tips and parameters you may want to consider.

VR Hosting Quality

 This is the Achilles heel of most hosting platforms – they stinge on quality to save space and money. Youtube, Facebook and even Vimeo and Veer heavily compress 3D videos. In standard videos, this is no big deal, but with 3D, it’s really a shame to lose the full effect of your content. As of now, 360cameras shoot in up to 5K, so you need your host to support that resolution. DoublX is a provider that displays your video at maximum quality.

VR Formats

There are so many 3D video formats – MOV, MP4, stereoscopic, 360, side-by-side, 3D, 2D, panorama, etc. And don’t forget 3D image formats – Panorama, Equirectangular Projection images and more. The coolest 360 experiences mix VR video and photos and use lots of formats. The ideal would be a provider that supported all of them.


Make sure that your 3D content is compatible with all platforms – smartphones, tablets and PCs, so your users can view your content wherever, whenever at their convenience. Also, that you can upload your content from any of these devices.

Supermarket Power

Hosting is just hosting. If you love 3D, you need a partner who is focused on 3D, who can provide more 360 related services and value. DoublX, for example, offers a complete solution for your 360 needs. You can upload any content, mix and match, add titles, buttons, hotspots and icons, publish, host and share you videos. Pretty cool, huh?

Up to Speed

Do you want your videos to freeze and lag at the most exciting moment? No? Lags and delays downgrade your 3D experience to subzero. Not something you want to risk. Test your provider’s streaming speed and make sure it’s up to speed with your standards. Youtube offers a pretty smooth experience.

VR Hosting Friendliness

When you choose your 360 partner, you want one that’s fun and easy to deal with. You don’t want to spend an hour searching for some simple function. You’ve already invested a lot of effort in creating your content, so this is really the place where you want to click and go. Facebook is one of the friendliest options you’ll encounter.

Sharing Your VR Content

You want a VR hosting service that has convenient sharing options or a huge audience so that when you upload your amazing content, it doesn’t stay hidden like the famed “Mona Lisa in the Drawer” where no one can find it. Share at a click. Youtube, for example, has the largest audience and is focused on video (although not on 3D).

There are lots of considerations, but it’s best to simply check out the provider’s abilities to see how focused they are on your 3D needs.

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3 Ways Educational AI Platforms Can Help You Learn Better and Faster

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing every area of society, and education is no exception. The global market for AI educational applications was already worth $400 million in 2017, according to Global Market Insights research. Over the next seven years, this will explode at a compound annual growth rate of 45 percent to reach $6 billion by 2024. Educational AI is helping students receive personal digital assistance without the need for a human tutor, using automation to assess student performance, evaluate needs and provide customized guidance.

Whether you’re currently in school or not, AI platforms can help you learn knowledge and skills more efficiently and more quickly. Here’s a look at three ways using an AI platform can help you learn.

Digital Tutors

Digital assistants have become mainstream over the past through years through the popularity of voice-powered AI systems such as Amazon Alexa. Educational technology providers have extended this concept to develop digital tutors that can guide you through the learning process. For example, Carnegie Learning’s Mika math courseware uses AI to analyze a student’s learning progress as well as the method they use to solve problems. It then applies this information to provide hints and real-time feedback, delivering a digital one-to-one learning experience.

Another popular digital tutor solution is Socratic, recently released for Android devices. With Socratic, a student can take a picture of a question or enter an answer directly into the interface. The system will then analyze what concepts are needed in order to solve the problem, using the results to suggest educator-created content such as videos and definitions that supplies the required information. Some AI-powered digital tutoring technology is cloud-based, but for the fastest real-time guidance, you’ll want to use an AI platform that supports on-device AI, such as a mobile phone powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 mobile platform.

Smart Content

Another valuable AI learning tool is smart content. Widely used in marketing as well as education, smart content uses artificial intelligence to analyze big data generated by user input in order to create customized content geared towards the individual user. In an educational context, smart content can be applied in a variety of helpful ways.

For example, Facts101 uses AI to automatically analyze textbooks in order to provide condensed flashcard notes and outlines highlighting key material, saving students time reading and underlining. Facts101 also provides AI-generated practice tests. Another smart content platform, smartED from Netex, helps educators analyze, optimize and customize their content.

Learning Management Systems

Another powerful digital education technology that has started to incorporate artificial intelligence is learning management system (LMS) platforms. You can think of an LMS platform as sort of a social media platform for education. LMS platforms provide an online learning environment that educators can use to deliver educational content, communicate with students, administer tests, track performance and solicit student feedback. When AI is applied to LMS platforms, they can be used to personalize content for individual students, analyze individual performance and provide customized learning tips.

The integration of LMS with AI is still in its early stages, but some companies have taken a lead in pioneering efforts using AI LMS to promote both academic learning and learning of practical skill sets in a business context. For instance, Zoomi helps companies optimize their training by using AI to evaluate employee knowledge levels, personalize content for individuals, and analyze and guide learning performance.

By providing digital tutoring, creating smart content and optimizing learning management systems, artificial intelligence is making learning more efficient for students, employees and entrepreneurs. Tapping into AI-powered learning tools can help you focus on where you need help so you can learn faster and easier with less stress.

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From Payroll To Programming: A Guide To Streamlining Through Software

The business environment is going through a shift where less burden is placed on internal processes. This allows business owners and managers to focus on growing the business rather than putting so time and energy into tasks such as managing the payroll. It’s essential that your company has an accurate, smooth-running automated payroll system in place. In order for this to happen, a standardised process that accounts for all staff payments needs to be implemented.

In order to streamline the payroll process, the single touch payroll (STP) system was rolled out by the ATO in July 2018. Designed to make the entire process of collecting and delivering the correct data to the government, the system is designed to work seamlessly with payroll software packages that have made the necessary updated. This, of course, makes your job as a business owner easier, allowing you more time to focus on running and growing your business.

Let’s take a look at how the right payroll software can help you to streamline your financial obligations and leave you with more time to focus on the areas of your business that need more attention.

Understanding Single Touch Payroll

Until now, employers lodged payroll information manually on an annual basis. With Single Touch Payroll (STP), however, all employers have to upgrade their payroll systems and adopt a more streamlined approach. Employers are obligated to send the information of all the employees on their payroll to the Australian Tax Office on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Effectively, this means that both payroll compliance and pay runs have been combined into one single process

STP makes it easy for businesses to connect with the ATO to submit the payment reports of their employees using the right payroll software. To make the entire process easier to manage, it’s crucial that businesses adopt software that is STP-ready. With the right software in place, you can have a more hands-off approach and be able to concentrate on other elements of your operations such has marketing, growing your client base and ultimately, increasing your bottom line.

Compliance Is Key

The Australian Tax Office set a deadline for all businesses with more than twenty employees to be STP compliant by the 1st of July 2018. Although employers will be exempt from penalties for the first year of reporting via STP, penalties will be issued eventually and compliance is not optional. If you haven’t already done so, it’s important to ensure your payroll software is up to speed to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently and that you avoid incurring any penalties going forward.

Be More Efficient With Payroll Software

With automated payroll software in place, processing your employees’ tax, wages, and other financial information is much more straightforward and can be done more efficiently as the potential for human error is eliminated. Utilising software means you will be able to ensure compliance and complete your payroll obligations in a fraction of the time you would with more traditional methods.

Focus On Other Areas And Grow Your Business

Using payroll software in your business simplifies what can often be a hugely time-consuming and complex task. With the time you will gain from not having to do this, you will be able to devote this time to other areas of your business that ultimately will lead to a more successful future for your organisation.

You can work on important areas such as customer service, product development, improving your marketing efforts, customer acquisition and looking at your budget allocation in more detail. With more time on your hands, you can develop new processes and streamline your business tasks to set your company on the road to success.

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Can Cloud Billing Help Your Business?

cloud computing is utilized to the capacity of information and deal with the information by utilizing the administrations of web and it’s getting increasingly progress, and the vast majority of the organizations are utilizing distributed computing stockpiling administrations since it gives security and deal with the information in a shape that it uses the assets and doesn’t squander the additional assets of the required web space, so we can without much of a stretch scale all over as per the need of the organization record. Since it utilizes the nearby separate, not the individual server, as other handling stockpiling frameworks and as a result of that it decreases the costs perspective of any organization, and pick up the benefit in like manner. Distributed computing is changing the PC framework which gives the adaptability to the administration and helps to get to the information effortlessly. Cloud computing provides best billing platform for different enterprises to gain profit and to be systematic.

The move to executing business venture applications in the cloud is currently upon us because of convincing business points of interest instead of the more evident IT administration and charge sparing thought processes. certainly, value oversees and coins skim control are as often as possible cited as intentions in settling on cloud contributions however it’s the raised degrees of security, business spryness and the new methodologies of working which may be empowered by these administrations that are having the greatest unobtrusive effect on business generally speaking execution.

  • Keeping up over records insurance and sparing the insights of your customers have were given absolutely excessively extreme for most in-living arrangement IT organization to control their areas of expertise. It’s excessively muddled and excessively vital, making it impossible, making it impossible to stay as a DIY mission. By methods for utilizing cloud administrations offices of all administrations can rely on the data and undertaking superb process used by the colossal in the business venture.
  • The present group of laborers has experienced childhood in reaching universally and takes social gear, online joint effort and working in advanced gatherings with no thought. Sadly bequest on-introduce structures had been framed and built when these devices didn’t persevere. The fundamental cloud applications have social joint effort dried into the applications so your gathering can rehearse together with the in vogue contemporary hardware.

  • These days group of laborers anticipates that their projects will keep running over the entirety of their devices regardless of whether they’re inside the work environment, inside the coffee store, on the prepare or at their home. The fundamental cloud-based charging framework shows that phase of accessibility all through the most renowned telephone, pill and web devices giving your group the power your group is looking out while improving the reaction occasions of your venture.

All of the properties cloud billing is providing a boost up the business because everyone wants security, growth, and flexibility.

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How To Find Duplicates And Check Disk Space On Mac For Free

macOS has always been notorious for its high storage space requirements. Considering that most MacBook devices have limited in-built storage, the issue becomes worse. But, do you know that two things would help you save up space on your Mac? Yes, just two things — one, you have to check how your Mac disk space is being used; two, finding duplicate files that take up your Mac hard drive space.

Unfortunately, macOS does not have an in-built utility to do this. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot find duplicates or analyze Mac storage space. In this article, we have a complete tutorial on how to not just check disk space on Mac but also find duplicates and delete them for free. Before we get into the steps, we should have a look at the helpful piece of software here.

Disk Drill for macOS — Our Savior

Disk Drill for Mac is a wonderful piece of software that can do magic in your Mac device. Primarily a program for lost data recovery, you can use Disk Drill for a variety of tasks. Analyzing your Mac hard drive, finding the duplicate files and disk backup are some of these options. Today, however, we are going to use the first two functions.

While Disk Drill is free to use, there’s a fully-fledged Pro version with better features. However, if you want to simply analyze the drive and delete some duplicates, the free version should suffice. Now that you have a clear idea about Disk Drill, we will move onto the parts where we discuss how to free up disk space on Mac and how to find duplicate files Mac.

By the way, if you want more details about Disk Drill, you can read more about it in the official website.

How to Check and Analyze Disk Space on Mac?

Without further ado, let’s get started with the steps. We hope you have downloaded the setup file from the official site of Disk Drill and installed the program.

  • Step One

First, you have to launch Disk Drill 3 on your Mac. In a second or so, you will see the Disk Drill interface. It’d also show you the list of hardware disks and logical volumes.

From the top menu, select the option named ‘Clean up’

  • Step Two

In this screen, Disk Drill will show you the partitions available for scanning.

Choose the right partition and hit the ‘Scan’ button.

  • Step Three

Now, wait until Disk Drill finishes scanning the selected partition. Depending on the size of the hard disk, this process may take some time.

After a few seconds or so, you will be able to see the Disk Drill chart that shows storage consumption.

  • Step Four

Take a look at the map and see which folder/directory is taking up most of the space.

You can navigate within the list and go into individual files.

Now, you can select all the files and folders you want to delete. Click on the ‘Remove’ button to save up the space. Simple, isn’t it?

How to Find Duplicate Files Mac?

As we said, Disk Drill is an effective yet free duplicate file finder Mac tool as well. You can use this tool to not just find but also bulk remove duplicate files.

  • Step One

Open the Disk Drill interface and choose Find Duplicate button from the top menu.

  • Step Two

In the upcoming interface, you have to bring in folders that you want to search for duplicate files in. There’s a bunch of options.

First, you can simply drag and drop the folder you want to scan for duplicates.

Second, you can click on the ‘Add Folder’ button and select the folder.

  • Step Three

Once you have added the folders, hit the ‘Scan’ button.

Now, wait until Disk Drill scans the particular folder for duplicate files.

  • Step Four

This is the step where Disk Drill helps you find and delete duplicate files Mac. You can see the complete list of duplicate files in the folder. Disk Drill also tells you how many duplicate files exist.

As we did earlier, you can select one of the same files and hit the ‘Remove’ button.

That’s it, folks. You’ve successfully found and removed some of the space-consuming duplicate files in your macOS device.

The Verdict

We believe the process of finding duplicates and checking disk space on Mac was easier than expected. Sure, we need to thank Disk Drill 3, which makes the process so intuitive. It should be noted that Disk Drill is 100% safe to use, and it doesn’t cause any harm to your Mac. Sounds awesome, right?

Click Here to Download Disk Drill For Mac

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Shared Hosting: How Bad Neighbors Damage Your Online Reputation

Cheap hosting providers have brought down the cost of launching an online business. For a dozen dollars a month or less, you can rent a hosting space alongside others and start promoting your products and services. That sounds good, right? Well, let’s think a minute about why shared hosting is so cheap and its potential downsides.

In essence, shared hosting is like sharing a flat or building. Living together saves money, and so does bundling multiple websites using the same server and IP address. Flatmates and neighbors, however, are not always the people you would like them to be, and their bad habits can negatively impact your comfort and well-being.

Similarly, neighboring websites sometimes act poorly, abusing pooled resources and engaging in illicit activities, and their behaviors can prevent you from running your business effectively. This post looks more closely at what may go wrong with shared hosting and what you can do to protect your online reputation.

Neighboring Hosts Can Damage Your SEO by…

  • Conducting fraudulent activities

Scammers often rely on cheap hosting to execute phishing attacks. For example, they may attempt to impersonate an established organization or well-known brand by launching a forged website at a low cost and deceive users into revealing their private data and financial information.

But what does it have to do with your legitimate online business? Coincidentally using the same IP address as fraudsters means that your website may get mistakenly associated to theirs. For instance, search engines might start issuing security warnings as visitors reach both your and cybercriminals’ web pages — thus eroding your credibility in front of existing and prospective users and customers.

  • Publishing inappropriate content

The activities of neighboring hosts do not have to be illegal to harm your online reputation. In fact, search engines are wary of indexing particular types of content such as gambling and adult sites and web crawlers may rely on IP filters to decide what should rank and what should not. This crawling technique could result in overblocking, a situation where regular websites get accidentally excluded from search results despite abiding by filtering rules.

  • Spamming their email recipients

Email service providers also look at IP addresses and their sending reputation to determine whether messages should be delivered to recipients. Under a shared hosting plan and IP address, your email communications can get blocked because of other website owners carelessly spamming their subscribers and prospects.

How to Protect Your Online Reputation

  • Monitor associated domains

So how can you make sure fellow hosts are good neighbors? One way is to frequently conduct a reverse DNS lookup analysis and identify all domains linked to your IP address and hosting server. The next step is then to review whether the practices of adjacent website owners are dubious, and, if so, reporting those to your hosting provider.

  • Switch hosting provider

If neighboring websites are just too bad and your hosting provider is not willing to do anything about it, perhaps the easiest approach to safeguard your reputation is to move your site elsewhere. The good news is there are plenty of options to choose from, though settling for the next cheapest web hosting service is unlikely to resolve your web neighborhood issue. Instead, you might want to monitor and compare samples of IP addresses hosted with different providers to identify the most viable alternative.

  • Use dedicated hosting and IP addresses

To avoid the potential disadvantages of shared hosting, you may also consider working with a dedicated cloud server and your own IP addresses. These services are more expensive, but they provide better control over online reputation and, therefore, the ability to drive higher sales and revenues. A reverse DNS lookup analysis can still be useful here, for example, to ensure that your resources are never allocated to anybody else by mistake or used by cybercriminals for fraudulent purposes.

Bad neighbors can be a real problem — both in real life and in a shared hosting environment. In the latter case, you can monitor IP addresses through reverse DNS lookup and identify which adjacent website owners might be negatively impacting your online reputation.

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Jonathan Zhang is the founder and CEO of Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) — a data, tool, and API provider that specializes in automated threat detection, security analysis and threat intelligence solutions for Fortune 1000 and cyber-security companies. TIP is part of the Whois API Inc. family which is a trusted intelligence vendor by over 50,000 clients.

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Mobile Enterprise Apps Changing The Game

Mobile enterprise applications are highly complex systems that enable a business’ staff to manage the software they use day in and day out from their handheld devices. In today’s corporate environment, with employees working on the go more often, these tools are more valuable than ever. Nowadays, mobile apps of all kinds are required to perform at the same calibre as desktop software. Furthermore, they must be scalable, distributable, component-based, and mission-critical. Only by hiring a competent, client-focussed mobile app developer can companies produce enterprise apps efficient and user-intuitive enough to be fruitful tools their workplace will use.

Once you do your research and learn about app development services that can really help you, you’ll know that a smart development agency will build their products with the client’s end-user in mind, and will custom-tailor the mobile app they design to your specific needs as a business. They will take into account the unique needs of a company’s staff, whether they’re engineers, lawyers, architects, financial advisors or entertainers. They must above all be functional and aid employees in performing their work – UX (or user experience) must therefore be at the forefront of the design. They will also consider the various barriers a job creates – for someone working outdoors for example, a font’s size and readability on screen will be a top priority, and a designer will choose colours that won’t be compromised in natural light.

If you want to improve your customers’ mobile experience (as well as their performance), partner with a development team that has some merit. Accolades don’t lie, and if your business is looking to improve its customers’ mobile experience, then it it pays to go with an agile development team that has been recognized for its efforts. Industry accolades and testimonials say a lot about a company’s reputability. Also ensure your developer offers forward-thinking support and offers a full suite of app expertise from QSR to mobile payments, retail to enterprise. For trusted, transparent, and reliable mobile solutions that are business-focused and treat clients like partners at each step of development.

The right developer can also help your business incorporate easy-to-read analytics dashboards togive you comprehensive performance metrics on-demand. You’ll be able to track behavior patterns, traffic, user device types, and more. Analytics reports can even offer transaction-level detail that you can’t find anywhere else.

An inexperienced developer may create an impressive looking app that impedes upon the work flow of the user, making it awkward to use, taking time out of their work day, and ultimately costing enterprises money. By partnering with knowledgeable professionals however, like those at Guaraná Technologies, clients can rest assured knowing employee logic is taken into account right at the beginning stages of the process. This developer will create a wireframe that maps out and predicts user engagement, drafting for the most productive prototype. They’ll code for Android, iOS, or both depending upon your employees’ requirements – and for accessibility’s sake they will ensure the apps work offline, allowing employees to complete tasks independent of an internet connection.

Most importantly, you want your developing partner to do a thorough job in eliminating functionality issues and the potential for crashes by conducting unit testing before the app’s official launch. With analytics tools they will continue tracking for bugs and imperfections, attending to each problem prior to publication. Finally, they will do user testing in house, adhering to a set of strict protocols to ensure your staff is provided with the most streamlined experience from the get-go. Introducing new software into the workplace can be a challenge; guaranteeing its functionality from the beginning will play a big part in how fast your workforce adapts to it.

Mobile enterprise apps allow businesses to provide their employees with a more flexible and integrated work experience; no longer do they have to rush to their desktops to perform a simple job or set aside time at the office to accomplish it. Now, they can enjoy the convenience of doing it from their devices   wherever they happen to be during work hours – alleviating lulls from task to task and increasing speed of production, which means only good things for your company and staff.

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