Ensure Your Shipments Reach Their Cloud-based Service Providers On Time

With people relying on cloud-based services for on-demand information, and stable, instant communication all over the globe, cloud-based service providers from Twitter, to Netflix, to smaller start-ups require a strong IT infrastructure like they never have before. Every cloud user wants guaranteed consistency of their signals. However, if they’re working out of foreign countries and need equipment, finding a reliable reseller that can deliver proves to be challenging. Because technologies are treated with sensitivity at most borders, both resellers and their cloud-based clients are often at the mercy of a complex distributions process. Because most IT equipment is considered a dual-use good (with both civilian and military applications), it requires more stringent customs processes to clear.

If you’re transporting highly sensitive IT equipment overseas, it pays to introduce a player with adequate knowledge to take the reigns on acquiring customs pre-approval and clearance. TecEx is one importer of record with a point of presence in over 120 countries and can guarantee clearance of any size shipment in under ten days when it’s shipped to one of these countries. This is because they work with the customs of these countries regularly, are familiar with any unique procedures, and know which routes to take should they encounter roadblocks.

They furthermore alleviate the stress on the part of the exporter, in this case the reseller, when it comes to preparing highly specific documentation. As part of their service, they prepare all the required paperwork on the reseller’s behalf from commercial invoices to freight delivery waybills, and apply for any additional permits, licences or certifications. They also check for accuracy so that both the reseller and the cloud-based service provider waiting on their equipment do not have to contend with costly delays.

The company is also known for its hands-on service; after steering the package through customs, they have on-the-ground personnel ready to meet the assets and ensure they arrive where they’re supposed to by liaising with the reseller’s chosen freight service or forwarder. For countries where deliveries have a reputation of getting lost or stolen, resellers can choose to use the importer’s own couriers for reassurance as an alternative. They even allow clients to track their shipment’s passing through the process in real time and give them access to a client services executive that can answer any of their questions, address concerns or pass on special requests to the on-the-ground team. Avoiding such problems are one of the many reasons why you want to work with an experienced professional when shipping IT equipment.

Finally, this importer of record offers import tax refunds including what can be a heavy value-added tax on computer hardware and software. These take under six months to recover, saving reseller’s money in the long term as they don’t have to wait to claim these costs the traditional way, where these claims can take anywhere from 3-5 years to process before they’re returned.

Cloud-based service providers across the world are looking to partner with technology resellers they can rely on, and the one that promises timely and consistent delivery every time will be the one that gets their business. The simplest way to promise that is to partner with a strong importer of record that can guide shipments of equipment through to clearance quickly and compliantly every time.

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