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Three Reasons Why Microsoft’s Universal Apps are Such a Big Deal

One of the most attractive features of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system is that it will use so-called Universal Apps. These apps will run on any hardware platform powered by Windows 10, from consoles and tablets to smartphones or … Continue reading

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How to Optimize Sharepoint Portal Experience Within your Organization

We all know that Sharepoint is an amazing piece of software used by many companies. But often companies struggle to adopt it perfectly and get their employees to use it effectively. Enlisted below are some of the best practices which … Continue reading

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Microsoft to release Windows 8.1 this October

Microsoft is all set to release its upcoming Windows mobile OS version Windows 8.1 for public in October as reported by ZDnet. The release to manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows 8.1 will be given to OEMs and Microsoft’s partners by … Continue reading

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Lumia 928 : Nokia’s 2013 Flagship Phone

Samsung and Sony have announced their flagship phones for this year as early as January. In April, Nokia has also announced its latest model which is called Nokia Lumia 928. The expected release was May. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Sony’s … Continue reading

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Macbook Pro is the Best Performing WIndows PC

Yes,You read it correctly.A recent report by Soluto states that Mac’s are the best hardware to run Windows. Soluto pulled data from more than millions of Laptops which runs either Windows 7 or Windows 8 to check for Windows reliability test. Finally … Continue reading

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VHD creation in Windows 7…

The most important thing about being a geek is being able to do that what others normally can’t. Of course, you have to severely obsess over a certain field/class-of-activities to qualify as a “geek”. There are those of us who … Continue reading

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WinISO Giveaway and Review : Best of Its Kind

Have you ever tried to copy Blue-Ray Disks and got success ? Most of the time you wont,since original fles are copyright protected and also Its not advisable to copy files individually.If the process breaks then you can’t find where … Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia – it’s time you go for it…

Nokia – a great mobile phone manufacturer enjoyed an almost monopoly for most parts of a decade in this new millennium. They had a smooth transition into the smartphone line with their Symbian OS. It let them scale their software … Continue reading

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Windows XBOX Games sale…

When it comes to gaming, I’ve never ever done it just for fun or “for the sheer hell(read ‘sake’) of it”. It has always been about making a mark in the gaming community. There always has to be a sense … Continue reading

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Windows Blue – insights on the next big thing…

Windows 8 was released on October 26th of 2012 and Windows Phone followed the lead three days later. Since then, the duo has made amazing leaps ahead of their marketshare prior to these releases. These two operating systems were made … Continue reading

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