3 Qualities of An Effective Unified Communications Platform

by July 26, 2014

The only thing more frustrating than not possessing up-to-date enterprise technology is having assets that do not work effectively. The business world is all abuzz regarding the increasing shift toward unified communications. While this has led a growing number of organizations to seek


How to Optimize Sharepoint Portal Experience Within your Organization

by June 25, 2014

We all know that Sharepoint is an amazing piece of software used by many companies. But often companies struggle to adopt it perfectly and get their employees to use it effectively. Enlisted below are some of the best practices which


5 Disaster Recovery Practice Tips [Infographic]

by June 13, 2014

Do you know how your company would react in the face of a disaster? By simulating possible situations often, and working out issues before they occur, management can ensure the smoothest possible transition while also making improvements along the way.


VoIP has Matured: It’s Time To Go Mobile

by May 27, 2014

The days of copper wiring, physical switches and deskphones are coming to an end. The rise of IP telephony, spurred by its many benefits such as increased flexibility and lower total cost of ownership, has ushered in a new era


Your Business Website is Hacked! How Can You Recover?

by May 10, 2014

It’s unfortunate, but data breaches are a common occurrence in today’s business climate. It’s not only wise, but it’s accurate to assume that your small to mid-sized business can get hit with a data breach in the very near future. While you


Top 5 Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

by April 28, 2014

Making the transition to an offsite document storage site has the potential to be a bit of a tough choice. As a father, putting my trust in one of the first storage companies that I used was a little like


Is Your Business Prepared for Disaster?

by April 26, 2014

Disasters happen, whether they’re hurricanes, earthquakes, windstorms, fires, floods, burst pipes or server failures, and there’s not always something you can do to prevent them. However, there are plenty of things your business can do ahead of time to prepare


5 Ways how SMBs can get rid of their Server Security Woes

by February 13, 2014

The small and midsize business owners always thought that they are safe and the server security problems will only happen to the large business types. But now no businesses are safe and they are getting attacked more and more as


8 Awesome Tools to Create Infographics

by December 9, 2013

A modern Infographic refers to a fairly big image file that is populated with images (and sometimes text) that is supposed to explain a point or get some sort of message across. If you make it big and attractive then


How to Keep Yourself Safe by the Help of VPN Softwares

by October 25, 2013

VPN nowadays is a quite common which is also popular as Virtual Private Network. This particular application is used in order to allow the other device or computer the right to use information from broader resources.  Not only that but