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Some Mac OS X El Capitan Hacks To Make Life Easier

by September 7, 2016

Mac is one of the most widely used computers, and many of the users may have been using them for a long time, but there are definitely some features about which people might remain oblivious. This is just to throw


Apple vs. Windows vs. Linux

by July 18, 2014

Technology has brought us to a level where we can confidently make comparisons between these three platforms. Who would have ever thought that we’d reach a day where competition would be so stiff in the market to warrant for such


How to use your Macbook as a WiFi Hotspot – Share Internet

by July 6, 2013

Macbook’s are one of the finest and top performing laptops out there,In fact Macbook Pro was named as the best hardware to use Windows.Apart from stylish look and build it also comes with variety of features that you can’t expect


Mavericks – the next Mac OS is irresistible…

by June 20, 2013

This year’s WWDC came out with quite a bit of impressive changes that will be made by Apple in its latest upgrade to both iOS and Mac OS along with a slew of new hardware it has introduced. We were


Whats New From Apple ? #WWDC 2013

by June 11, 2013

Apple user’s have tons of good news.Welcome to “year of changes” by Apple inc. So what have all changed ? iOS7 for i devices  and OS X Mavericks for Macs. “We want to make the best product that people use


How to Run Last Terminal Command but as Root User (SUDO)

by June 2, 2013

Its pretty common that Linux user often runs a command on terminal without SUDO (super user) which requires Super User (root user) permissions.But after login in as a super user with SUDO you need to retype the command (Cannot use


Ultimate guide for Macbook Protection : Shit Happens

by May 3, 2013

Computer have become an integral part of my life and may be yours too !. I make my living by computers and my first PC was the greatest gift ever I received from my parents.Sometimes we show our frustrations to our


Coconut Battery : A lightweight and Free app to monitor Macbook Battery Health

by March 15, 2013

Monitoring a Battery health is a vital thing to do if you want to maintain a good lifespan of your Macbook battery. Though there are numerous Apps available for Mac which can be used to monitor battery health,none of them


8 Essential Mac Apps for Bloggers and Writers

by March 10, 2013

Bloggers likes to spend much time on reading and writing then any other activity,To be a productive blogger one must choose right set of tools. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first


Cleanup your Mac for best performance and speed

by November 19, 2012

Is your computer boiling your blood, because it’s too sluggish, and it sorts stall for no obvious reasons? While executing easy tasks, such as opening word processor, it takes too much time to load? Such problems are common, and there