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Chatbots In Education: An Asset For Students And Teachers

by October 8, 2018

Mobile phones have been a common classroom enemy for a long time, making teachers ban and even confiscate them in classes. However, teachers have realized that mobile phones can actually help students enhance their learning and education, so that started


Nonwovens & Netting Technology: Evolving The Industry Standard

by June 19, 2018

In a future of technical apparel and performance applications, fabrics need to involve to keep up with evolving industry practices. Nonwoven materials are the fabric that find wide ranging applications in several modern industries. Nonwovens and netting technology can be


How Technology Will Help The NHS Will Improve Quality And Reduce Costs

by May 23, 2018

The UKs National Health Service (NHS) is under more pressure than ever before. Higher patient numbers combined with cuts in the amount of money it receives from the government and that both the staff and the infrastructure they rely on,have


The Best Digital Innovations That Do Not Compromise Your Online Privacy

by May 4, 2018

One thing is clear, absolute privacy is an illusion, no one can guarantee cyber safety and privacy in the Trump’s era. Be it our web browsing, internet-connected devices, or the online cameras that are placed in our cities; we are


Enjoy The Benefits Of Paperless Invoicing With Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

by May 1, 2018

There are several problems associated with paper-based invoicing, from payment delays to clients claiming they didn’t receive the invoice, auto repair stores can often waste a lot of time chasing invoices as a result. However, with the Tekmetric auto repair


Emoji – Regression Or Evolution

by February 5, 2018

Drawings and pictures far precede linear languages as a means of recording information. There’s no way of knowing what our distant ancestors learned first – drawing or speaking – but we know that they recorded the phenomena and beings they


Surprising Facts On How Mobile Reception Changes Your Lifestyle

by March 15, 2017

After several years of developments, updates and crazy changes in mobile phones, they’ve become an essential part of our lives. Phones are now extensions of who we are and what we do so losing them, leaving them or having the


Are Movies Better Than Books?

by December 7, 2016

Books are our silent buddies who offer us peace of mind and happiness without any expectations. Books can help us travel us travel through our imaginations and update us with colossal knowledge on various niches of life. We can break


The Shift To Mobile Technology Can Only Get Better

by June 1, 2016

Technology has paved way for a myriad of things and has brought great change to every sector. It has experienced a lot of change itself, owing to the changing needs and abilities of the population. Everything has become a little


Can Your Phone Replace Your Tv?

by March 22, 2016

Watching television is the favorite pastime world-round. In fact, the average person spends 4 hours a day watching TV or some sort of visual media. This means that an average person spends 1500 hours a year consuming some sort of

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