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Anonymously Watch Other People’s Stories

by July 30, 2018

Introduction Have you ever wondered if you could watch other people’s stories anonymously? Well, every person who posts its story will get a notification if you watch it. But, there is a way to avoid all that and see someone’s


Benefits Of A Virtual Data Room

by April 28, 2017

As everything goes digital, it becomes more and more important to establish new methods for quickly disseminating information. It isn’t enough to simply store files on a hard drive; they need to be accessible and well-organized. Even generic cloud storage


5 Steps To Create A Social Media Content That Converts

by January 23, 2017

Today there is no more need to explain why high-quality content and social media marketing are so important for modern businesses because nowadays a company’s social media presence is one of the definitive characteristics of the success of this business.


How Social Media Has Taken Over Business

by June 3, 2016

Whenever someone mentions social media you will find yourself immediately thinking of Facebook and Twitter. These two have become synonymous with the term and it is as though social media began with them. Facebook reported a record more than 1.39


Can You Sustain Your Business with Right Social Media Campaign?

by October 19, 2015

Most companies are taking to social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and YouTube – to hone their online presence and talk about sustainability than ever before. Social media campaigns have; therefore, attracted much attention from businesses that want to


Tech Innovations That Changed Students Lives

by May 5, 2015

Today, a student’s life revolves around technology. The education sector has become wise to this fact in recent years, and has begun to cash in on the vast student population keen to integrate their studies and their technology, and sink


Instagram overtakes Twitter – So Whats Next?

by December 17, 2014

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter,according to news reports which state the social media site now has 300 million users. The latest news gives an indicator of just how quickly things have the potential to move if suppliers tap into


[Infographic] Who owns our Social Media?

by September 25, 2014

With technology ever expanding, making our lives more accessible, it’s no wonder social media has becoming an integral part of our lives but who owns what? It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest acquisition not to mention who


[Infographic] Job Hunting via Social Media

by September 18, 2014

Using your social media to help with your job hunting maybe the God send you’ve been hoping for. It seems that social medias come pre-packaged with many unique tools that are really useful for the prospective job hunter. The other


Should You Buy Social Media Followers?

by June 30, 2014

With social media now playing such an important role in online search rankings, many businesses are looking at ways to increase their Twitter following or their Facebook likes. This has given rise to a lucrative, if somewhat shady, industry which

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