4 Things To Consider When Purchasing An External Hard Drive

by July 25, 2014

Arguably the most important part of your computer is your data. This includes your documents, photographs, music and videos – the stuff that makes your computer yours. The last thing anyone wants is to lose this data, but a computer


Why You Should Build your Own PC Rather than Buying One

by July 16, 2014

Building your very own PC is a great way of getting the computer you have always desired as you can customise to what you need it for i.e. home, business or gaming. It makes plenty of sense to do it


10 Uniquely Designed USB Flash Drives for Comic Fans and Tech Geeks

by May 9, 2013

Being a Geek myself,I enjoy the art when it is blended with technology and I know there are plenty of peoples who possess a same taste.To demonstrate such arts,here I am with 10 uniquely designed Flash drives for Comic Fans,Gamers and Tech


Ultimate guide for Macbook Protection : Shit Happens

by May 3, 2013

Computer have become an integral part of my life and may be yours too !. I make my living by computers and my first PC was the greatest gift ever I received from my parents.Sometimes we show our frustrations to our


Graphic accelerators in smartphones: what you need to know about mobile graphics

by March 23, 2013

The development of modern smartphones is similar to the development of computers, only sizes are different. It means that smartphones have processors, RAM, memory drive and, surely, graphic accelerator. Graphic accelerator is a chip which provides realistic and colorful graphics


Three Year Kid teaches you how to set up Raspberry Pi

by March 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi ? Does that Sounds familiar ? Raspberry Pi is the cheapest Miniature PC with 1 Gb RAM,It is specially made for kids to develop their programming skills.Yes,we can say that its slowly reaching its core audience : The Kids.Here


Get Most out of your Laptop Battery

by December 30, 2012

Lithium Ion batteries are most used rechargeable battery in Consumer Electronics devices such as Notebooks,MacBooks,SmartPhones and it powers your iPods too. There are some misconceptions about using your devices to get better battery lifespan.In this articles I am going to


How to Simulate Arduino projects

by July 28, 2012

Now you can also simulate and see the result of your Arduino project via Arduino simulator called Virtual Breadboard.Not only arduino you can also simulate various hobbyists microcontrollers like PIC16 and PIC18. It is available in two versions VBBExpress and VBB,in


Best Magazines for Electronics Hobbyist and Professionals

by July 15, 2012

There are many Magazines out there in market which explores latest Technology News and Gadget Reviews, but there is very few magazines related to Electronics are available for Hardcore Electronic Professionals,Hobbyist and students.In this article I have listed some of


Damaged iPad Digitizer Screen? Not a Problem – You Can Fix it Yourself!

by June 12, 2012

Replacing a damaged iPad digitizer screen is a fairly straightforward DIY project that almost anyone can tackle. Digitizer screens are made from glass, and the screen can become cracked or broken after a fall of only a few feet. The