How The Online World Is Taking Over

by May 14, 2018

The Growth of Gamers Playing video-games is something everyone does at some point or another, especially when we feel tired or stressed. For instance, take a look at the number of online console gamers. It is expected to grow to


Top 5 Online Slot Games For Turkish Players

by August 14, 2017

It’s safe to say that, since the introduction of online slots, the online slot machines took the Turkish palyersby the storm. With the recent improvements in mobile gaming technologies, slot games are much more accessible and of course, enjoyable. Since


Dota 2 Kiev Major: What Team Has What It Takes?

by June 1, 2017

The Kiev Major will soon take place at the National Palace of Arts in Ukraine. The Frankfurt Junior was the first important match sponsored by Valve, and it started in 2015. This tournament takes place annually, and there are three


Accessories To Become A Good Gamer

by May 23, 2017

Playing games has become a profession for the most of the people. There are some highest earners whilst playing online games. So, without having the great profiled gaming peripherals, the gamers might not be able to play properly. The professionals know


This New In-Game Ad Trend is a Win for Both You and Your Users

by April 30, 2017

If you’re a mobile games developer and you’re not using rewarded video game ads, you could be losing out! To generate considerable revenue and live respectively off your apps it is vital that you keep up with the latest industry


3 Risk Factors All Online Poker Players Must Know

by March 12, 2017

Online poker has become an increasingly popular game in today’s gambling industry. Consequently, online casinos have recently been on the upsurge to meet this modern generation’s online gaming needs. Mainly due to the convenience that comes with flexible online services,


The Future Of Gaming: Top 5 Interesting Trends

by November 24, 2016

Technology evolves at an incredibly rapid speed, and more so in the gaming industry. Here are a handful of these gaming developments: From the early times of 2D gaming like Pong (back in 1972) all the way to the first


You’re Actually More Skilled Than You Think

by September 7, 2016

When thinking about what to put on your CV, most people just write down their academic credentials and the areas in which they have gained certificates. But tech-savvy internet users, gamers and gamblers may have more skills than they realise.


Games, Vr And Stock 3d Models: Building A Prosperous Future On The Cheap

by May 23, 2016

Fellow internet citizen, you should definitely strive to enrich your life with various 3D creations. Why not have your own video game, or a WebGL feature in your website? Why not make something VR or even AR? The tools are


Is Your PC Ready For Quantum Break?

by April 9, 2016

Remedy Entertainment’s epic time-bending shooter Quantum Break is finally upon us, and it’s arriving for PC as well as Xbox One. Originally, the game appeared to be an exclusive for Microsoft’s console but was then revealed for PC later on

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