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Top Smartphones For College Students

by July 22, 2018

We looked through a lot of resources, and of course, this is just our humble opinion. The best representative of quality and price compliance is Honor View 10. In this article, Brainy Bro has collected a variety of brands that everyone


5 Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Rooted Smartphone

by May 9, 2018

Rooting is the process of obtaining unlimited access to the smartphone. Rooting is widely applied by Android smartphone owners. Many users are eager to try every hidden feature of their smartphones and break the limits set by the manufacturer. Thus,


5 Android Apps You Should Have on Your Smartphone Right Now

by December 16, 2017

With just a few robust apps, your Android is easily transformed into an even better version of itself. With so many great apps to try, it can be difficult to pick the best. In the interest of saving you time


3 Features Built Into Your Smartphone You Might Not Know About

by October 28, 2017

Apple’s slogan “There’s an App for That” best describes the state of the smartphone world today. New smartphone users tend to download their first app as soon as they lay their hands on their smartphones – and install a game


Five Things Smartphones Have Made More Accessible

by October 24, 2017

Smartphones are an invention of the twenty century. We have seen it evolve since its introduction in 1990’s from heavy bricks to future bendable screen phones. Smartphones come in all range, colours and sizes. We have seen cellular providers and


An Engaging Review Of Modern Age Moto G5+

by May 18, 2017

Brief Introduction Moto G5 Plus is the slightly upgraded model of the G5 model, and it considered as one of the best budget mobiles in the Android category in 2017. This smart-phone packs all necessary features that can satisfy customers


The Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Why The Phone Is Just Ticktack

by January 28, 2017

The Nokia 6 phone has come to reclaim the Nokia brand territory. You may not have heard it but this Nokia 6 powered by Android system is out to make Nokia brand relevant in the world of smartphones. Here are


5 Smartphones With Gorilla Glass Under 10000

by May 8, 2016

Manufactures are leaving no stone unturned in manufacturing most stylish and durable smartphones to lure maximum number of buyers. With every single launch, smartphone companies are fitting one or another feature to gain mobile buyers’ attention. There is a recent


Motorola Moto X 2nd vs Moto X Play

by October 1, 2015

Motorola has been making some quite good sales in the last few years, thanks to Smartphone series such as the Motorola Moto X, Motorola Moto G and the Motorola Moto E, which specifically focuses on different price categories. And nowadays,


Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

by July 23, 2015

“I am planning to sell iPhone that I currently own, should I go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Apple iPhone 6 Plus?” No doubt that this is indeed one of the most confusing questions out there. Apple’s

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