Android – The Flexible, Powerful And Smart OS Player

by April 8, 2017

Mobile Device Users Celebrate the Versatility of Android OS The debate about the superiority of iOS or Android operating systems

How To Optimise Performance On Android

by March 31, 2017

If you’ve spent a hefty chunk of change on a smartphone, then you probably want to have the best performance

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

by September 22, 2015

After a lot of teasers and leaked information, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the fifth generation of the South Korean manufacturer’s

Monitor Android Phone To Learn How Effective Employee Monitoring is Carried Out

by June 15, 2015

Business management is like a seesaw swing. Sometimes you are on top and sometimes things are the other way round.

Top 5 Softwares to Root Any Android Device

by May 29, 2015

Smartphones has become one of the must have needs after food, cloths and house. So it is quite obvious that

Top 6 Must Have Back-to-School Apps

by May 7, 2015

While prepping for back to school time again this year, parents might just consider adding some of the following apps

6 of the Best Android Phones Out There Today

by July 8, 2014

Buying a smartphone is often a confusing jumble of screen resolutions, features, and processors speeds. How can you sort through

Love food – Then love these Foodie-friendly apps

by April 20, 2014

Sunshine, culture and delicious food. Travelling allows you to soak up the atmosphere in many amazing places, but without a

Must-Have Energy Efficiency Apps for 2013

by October 13, 2013

Energy consumption is one of the expenses that should be monitored by businesses. However, the many tasks and meetings don’t

5 Best To-Do Android Apps to Improve your Productivity

by August 14, 2013

If you are a person leading a  “Hurry up” life, then remembering to remember small task is a hectic task!

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