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Christmas Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

A Christmas-themed marketing drive can initially seem like a lot of work to put in– especially when customers already seem to be very preoccupied. However, this is why a simple, festive marketing strategy can really deliver. People are already spending, … Continue reading

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3 Things You Need To Know About The iPhone XS On Your Wish List

The smell of nutmeg is in the air, and the songs of Michael Bublé have become the default soundtrack wherever you go. All signs point to the imminent arrival of the holidays, which means you need to start drafting your … Continue reading

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Bring Your Sales Team Online With Live Chat

Anyone who has spent time on the showroom floor of an auto dealership knows there’s an enormous difference between providing a customer with reading material about a vehicle and discussing the same information in person. Of course, the major disadvantage … Continue reading

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Ecommerce Conversion Rate: What To Expect And How To Raise It

Starting an ecommerce business also means developing a framework for assessing and monitoring performance. When you’re new to the industry, it can be difficult to gauge exactly how your online store is stacking up—both on its own and in comparison … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing 101: Why You Need Acoordinated SEO, PPC And Social Media Campaign

Many marketing companies recognise the importance of a coordinated SEO, PPC and social media campaign. The backbone of digital marketing, SEO, PPC and social media campaigns have to interact with each other in order to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness … Continue reading

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Safe Online Gaming Tips

Newzoo predict that mobile gaming will account for over 50% of the global games market by the end of 2018. And it’s not just the kids playing mobile games: a recent study found that  78% of the 193 million mobile … Continue reading

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How Videos Changed The Digital World?

Video usage currently dominates internet bandwidth. Digital media as a whole is rapidly changing thanks to disruptions to traditional marketing and videos on the internet. Video has changed everything from public access to major networks. In fact, for the better … Continue reading

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5 SEO Tips for Business Owners

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of the 21st-century marketing campaign. Business owners who don’t master the SEO tricks, or hire a person who knows them, risk falling far behind the competition. Today, being available to the … Continue reading

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Chatbots In Education: An Asset For Students And Teachers

Mobile phones have been a common classroom enemy for a long time, making teachers ban and even confiscate them in classes. However, teachers have realized that mobile phones can actually help students enhance their learning and education, so that started … Continue reading

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Optimizing Your ECommerce UX

If you’re looking for a next level method of chasing customers away from your ecommerce site, do everything possible to complicate the user experience (UX). The more unaccommodating you make it, the more people you’ll chase away. If you want … Continue reading

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