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The Future Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows users, companies and organizations to migrate and store data on online servers hosted by third parties known as Cloud providers, which deliver servers, analytics, databases, networks and software including A.I. applications to optimize the internal infrastructure and … Continue reading

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UK App Provider Shares Research on Pension Contributions

True Potential Investor, provider of an app that allows you to effectively manage your investments better, has created an infographic with insights into UK pension contributions. Which regions of the UK are more prepared for retirement, with the biggest personal … Continue reading

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Best Ways To Acquire Crypto Currencies

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero have become increasingly popular in recent years for a variety of reasons.  Some people see bitcoin as digital gold and a great long-term investment.  Privacy focused cryptocurrencies like Monero are popular on dark net … Continue reading

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4 Tech Mistakes New Businesses Make

It goes without saying that as an entrepreneur, you’re going to learn some lessons about running a business the hard way. Although there are some things that a new business owner cannot control, there are costly mistakes that can be … Continue reading

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Stepes – The People-Powered Translation App

Traveling is a beautiful thing! Whether you’re an avid traveler who always has his bag packed or someone who wants to break the wheel of monotony, travelling to a foreign country always offers a unique experience. However, if you’re like … Continue reading

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