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7 Tips To Keep Your Phone Secure

Whether your phone is stolen, damaged, hacked or lost, it’s hugely frustrating and worrying to lose data and details, not to mention the phone itself. So it’s worth taking steps to ensure that you phone is as safe as possible … Continue reading

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Daily Habits Of Effective SEOs

If you want to be good at SEO – great even – there are certain things that you just have to do, day after day. No, it’s not always the most fun of activities like say, pitching to new clients … Continue reading

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The Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Why The Phone Is Just Ticktack

The Nokia 6 phone has come to reclaim the Nokia brand territory. You may not have heard it but this Nokia 6 powered by Android system is out to make Nokia brand relevant in the world of smartphones. Here are … Continue reading

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Save Your Business Thousands With Just Ones And Zeros

It is absolutely crucial in the startup industry to save as much money as quickly as possible. If you don’t do this, your company won’t be in a competitive enough position to survive. It’s also highly likely that you push … Continue reading

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Audials One 2017 Review: One Stop Solution To All Your Music And Videos

Audials One is a software to play, record, convert and organize all music, movies, TV shows and videos from music/video platforms and internet radio stations. It is the best software solution to feed your passion for the music or movies. … Continue reading

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5 Steps To Create A Social Media Content That Converts

Today there is no more need to explain why high-quality content and social media marketing are so important for modern businesses because nowadays a company’s social media presence is one of the definitive characteristics of the success of this business. … Continue reading

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5 Games Apps Worth Checking Out In 2017

2017 is already here and as usual, the gaming lovers are eagerly waiting to see what’s new in the gaming platform. Whether it be computer games, mobile games, PlayStation gaming, we’re all anxious to see what’s popping in 2017. The … Continue reading

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Slots Fan? Here Are The Best Apps For You

Slot machines are among the most popular casual games ever invented – and they have been for the last century. The inventor of the slots, the San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey, might have not even anticipated how popular his game … Continue reading

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Want To Start Your Own Business? 6 Things You Need To Do

What do Hewlett-Packard and Virgin Media have in common? They started with less than £500 and crafted successful business by identifying gaps in the markets. All great business people have to start somewhere, regardless of whether they have the capital … Continue reading

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Build A Better Tech Product By Avoiding These Mistakes

Making a tech product is an exciting process. But, as products like Microsoft Bob – which was a living room product developed by Microsoft back in the mid-1990s – demonstrate, getting it right isn’t easy. One of the biggest problems … Continue reading

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