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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Say Goodbye To Data Loss

Very often, we find ourselves in a situation where we’re looking for some file on one of our storage devices only to find it missing. There could be multiple reasons for why the file is missing: you could have deleted … Continue reading

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Takeasy App – Translation Made Easy

What do you do when you need quick translation? You probably open Google Translate and type your text there. Or, you might even have a thesaurus to translate your words. Tell me, are you satisfied with the kind of output … Continue reading

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Flair4it Addresses Five Main Cloud Security Questions

An IT support company, Flair4IT, has been supporting their clients on transitioning to the cloud over the past years. Numerous times, they have been faced with a number of questions relating to security concerns. They have released new information to … Continue reading

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Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac Review – The Best In Town

Data recovery is an important requirement for serious users. You never know when you will be looking for an important file, which you discarded some time back. In this article, we are going to review Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. … Continue reading

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Macbook Air, Pro 2016 Will Be Slimmer And Feature Samsung Made 10nm DDR4 RAM

The Apple annual developer conference, WWDC 2016, may still be about a month or two away from us, but speculations have already started on what actually can we expect from Apple during WWDC. Apart from the regular rumors about the … Continue reading

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Apple Patents A Macbook Without Keyboard

Before the 2016 MacBook came out there were various rumors about it. The most prominent one was that Apple would do away with the conventional screen and feature a touch screen. While that did not happen, the new MacBook did … Continue reading

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Mini PCs: Why Desktops Aren’t Going Away Yet

There’s a lot of talk about desktop PCs on a steep decline towards obsolescence. However, the American Customer Satisfaction Index found just last year that consumers still rated desktop PCs higher than their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This was true … Continue reading

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How To Secure Your Cloud Hosting Server

Whether you are on a shared cloud hosting plan or a fully functional cloud VPS, it is always important to take active steps towards securing your cloud hosting server or account. Even the smallest mistake can lead to serious security … Continue reading

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Is Your PC Ready For Quantum Break?

Remedy Entertainment’s epic time-bending shooter Quantum Break is finally upon us, and it’s arriving for PC as well as Xbox One. Originally, the game appeared to be an exclusive for Microsoft’s console but was then revealed for PC later on … Continue reading

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How To Stay Safe Online – A Guide

With so much information available at our fingertips, our personal data has never been at more risk. Whether you’re doing a bit of online shopping, sharing pictures with your friends and family or use the internet for your day to … Continue reading

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