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4 Simple Ways To Cut Your Business Costs

As a small business, you should always look for new ways to cut costs. Your bottom line is the single most important figure on your spreadsheet. It’s your job to make sure that number is always growing. There are two … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why Microsoft’s Universal Apps are Such a Big Deal

One of the most attractive features of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system is that it will use so-called Universal Apps. These apps will run on any hardware platform powered by Windows 10, from consoles and tablets to smartphones or … Continue reading

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How To Give Your Business A Personal Touch

In the modern business world, it’s easy to become just another faceless business. So many companies hide behind their website, conducting business via email. Of course, this technique will work for some, and plenty of companies do just fine. However, … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Using Magento For Your Business

You’ve probably heard of the Magento platform. It’s an extremely popular ecommerce software that is used by small and large businesses alike. However, is it any good for your business? That’s the most important question. Would it be beneficial for … Continue reading

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Infographic – 5 Cool Essential Gadget Gifts For Geeks

Looking for the perfect gift for your family member or friend who has to have all the newest tech gadgets? Sure there are a ton of gadgets out there, but this infographic covers the ESSENTIAL must have pieces of technology. … Continue reading

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Host1Plus VPS Hosting: The Budget VPS Service Reviewed

The world is slowly getting digitalized and every small business is getting its business online by building a website. The Internet is cluttered with thousands of hosting providers and only a handful of them get it right. Webmasters often look … Continue reading

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Characteristics of a Good Cab Booked Via Mobile Apps like Uber etc.

While commuting in new city, you can find cabs as easiest way to roam around. Taxi service providers like uber and Ola will give you option to book taxi ride via their mobile app. You can choose your destination and … Continue reading

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GetResponse or AWeber – Which Is The Best?

Most of the entrepreneurs maximize the use of the internet to run their successful business. They build a stunning business website to display their product/service details and use social media to reach the target audience. However, how could they convert … Continue reading

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Easy Ways You Can Use Technology To Improve Your Business

Technology is a gift and if you do not believe that, more fool you. Yes, we know there are disadvantages of technology. It is by using tech that the government can spy on our emails and phone calls. But we … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Cost Effective Tech

If you are a start-up or any kind of entrepreneur it can be hard to afford the right tech to get your company competitive. You don’t want to rent as that is too much of an income strain, but buying … Continue reading

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