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[Infographic] Who owns our Social Media?

With technology ever expanding, making our lives more accessible, it’s no wonder social media has becoming an integral part of our lives but who owns what? It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest acquisition not to mention who … Continue reading

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Protect Your Data: Protect Your Life  

Data security has become a need in today’s society. The world of fraud began with counterfeiting money, moved on to stealing identities and now has become a threat to a person’s entire livelihood. Securing a network, a server, or a … Continue reading

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[Infographic] Job Hunting via Social Media

Using your social media to help with your job hunting maybe the God send you’ve been hoping for. It seems that social medias come pre-packaged with many unique tools that are really useful for the prospective job hunter. The other … Continue reading

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Why UX is not Just for Techies

Playing with an online casino app recently prompted one of those light bulb moments of realisation. This was nothing more than a bit of casual downtime – courtesy of– but it prompted an insight that has profound implications. Here’s … Continue reading

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The EU Asks You: Can the Internet and Copyright Get Along?

Imagine the simplicity of copyright laws of the 1950s as compared to those of today.  Decades ago, artists and associated labels dealt with minimum media platforms and communication resources.  Given today’s worldwide reach of digital content, many believe copyright laws … Continue reading

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The Importance of Computer Security – Everything you Need to Know

Computer security is one of those wide concepts that we have some knowledge of. So many of us know what we are meant to do, but so very few of us actually protect what is ours. Computer security is of … Continue reading

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An Apple Everyday…

A tougher screen, longer battery life and waterproofing are the three most desired features Australians want in the new iPhone, according to a survey by eBay. In addition to the hardware aspects of the device, such as the battery and … Continue reading

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Emerging Tech Trends In Healthcare

Due to changes in technology, the healthcare industry has seen groundbreaking advancements over the years. Most of these trends have helped both physicians and medical staff provided better healthcare services. Here are some of the top tech trends in healthcare … Continue reading

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