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How to add encryption to Dropbox to Secure your Files

After the recent Dropbox scare, when a programming error left every user of Dropbox compromised, their password-decrypted for four hours, and the recent compromise of financial data of a big firm, Dropbox is not as loved anymore as it once … Continue reading

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to make money Online

Most people think that a regular 8-5 job is the only thing they could have as a reliable source of income. Even though we know that there is no quick way earning cash, there are other ways to earn money … Continue reading

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The best free resources to Learn Python Programming Language and Python Frameworks

Previously I have listed an extensive list of Free Computer Programming Ebooks which includes few books to learn about Python Programming,In this post I am going to list out all free resources available to learn basic Python programming as well as best tutorials to … Continue reading

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Top 10 Places to Find Opensource Software’s

In a crowded place like Internet,everyone rushes to promote their Products through promoted reviews and Ads,So as a user you might get your mind blank when it comes to choosing a best product for you,Most commonly the Software products. Windows and Mac Os are the … Continue reading

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20 Blog Content Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

With so many social media networks around, blog content marketing seems free and easy at first glance. However, it’s neither. It requires a huge investment of time on your part, even if you have helpers, and don’t do all the … Continue reading

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Toshiba Satellite U845W Ultrabook Review

Notebooks or laptops have been regenerated based on the latest advancements in semiconductor technologies to form what is called an ‘Ultrabook’. Ultrabooks are advanced and sophisticated versions of notebooks that are lightweight and slim. The concept of an Ultrabook was first conceived … Continue reading

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Watch out your Server Room Temperature and Humidity using WatchDog 15

Servers are a type of computers which is dedicated to provide a specialized services in a network,A network can be either a LAN like your office network or WAN like Internet.Depending on the application,the servers hardware varies.Take an example of … Continue reading

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Art of Android Application Development : The complete Process and Tips

Owing to the ever-increasing popularity and demand for apps Android application development is an industry that is making tremendous progress today. People everywhere are going mobile and are turning to apps to simplify and enhance their life. The Android platform … Continue reading

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