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Best Music Players for Android (Paid and Free)

Most of the Android phones comes with a built in Free Music player,Even though it meets my basic requirements,I choose to explore some other Apps available for Android.If you are a Music freak like me,I suggest you to try some … Continue reading

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Google’s new Features: GUI calculator and converter

The internet search giant Google recently made some of the minute changes in their service like adding new GUI calculator and converter.well this ain’t happening first time Google team often surprise the users with innovative features like with Google Doodles,April … Continue reading

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How to Simulate Arduino projects

Now you can also simulate and see the result of your Arduino project via Arduino simulator called Virtual Breadboard.Not only arduino you can also simulate various hobbyists microcontrollers like PIC16 and PIC18. It is available in two versions VBBExpress and VBB,in … Continue reading

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The 7 Unknown Features of iOS 5

  Apple added a multitude of new features for its new operating system iOS 5. In the hullabaloo, some of the interesting new additions were not mentioned and remained hidden. Today we look at 7 such features. 1. Keyboard Shortcuts: … Continue reading

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5 Must-Have Resources for Learning Android Development

When it comes to app development, iPhone developers catch all the breaks. But Android has secured a large chunk of the market, with owners of Android phones clamoring for the variety of apps available on that other phone. If you’re … Continue reading

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Hackers Linked In, Passwords Linked Out

We have been told through a multitude of media that we live in a dangerous world. However, if one were to throw that stereotype into the tech cauldron, it would gel in rather nicely with all the daunting ingredients that … Continue reading

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Linux Command to List all Linux Commands

Linux is cool in many ways and sometimes funnier,One such good thing about Linux is you can find everything you want within a Linux.For example You can use a single Linux Command to list the set of Linux commands you … Continue reading

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Top 5 most wanted Job Positions – 2012

Recent Survey conducted by reveals the Top 10 most wanted Job positions in the field of Information and Technology,As demand is high these jobs will surely pay you much higher than other jobs. Among the List Java developers are … Continue reading

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Top 10 Android Apps that’s Rocking the World (2012)

Google Android and Apple iOS is really in a head on collision in terms of the number of high quality applications available for both OS formats. In this article, we will tackle the top 10 Android applications that is worth … Continue reading

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What should I choose – Google’s Nexus 7 or Amazon’s Kindle fire ?

Gadget lovers enjoy a good time during all seasons. The competition between companies, result in new gadgets that come at reduced prices. But a new problem has risen? Which one should I buy is the question that many have. The … Continue reading

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