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An Apple Everyday…

A tougher screen, longer battery life and waterproofing are the three most desired features Australians want in the new iPhone, according to a survey by eBay. In addition to the hardware aspects of the device, such as the battery and the screen, … [Read More...]

healthcare trends

Emerging Tech Trends In Healthcare

Due to changes in technology, the healthcare industry has seen groundbreaking advancements over the years. Most of these trends have helped both physicians and medical staff provided better healthcare services. Here are some of the top tech trends in healthcare today. Telemedicine Image via Flickr … [Read More...]

Smartphones vs tablets

Smartphones vs Tablets

Technology is very dynamic. It keeps on changing every now and then. It takes a lot for one to stay abreast. Not long ago smartphone were the in thing, however, with the arrival of phablets, it seems as if there is a sudden paradigm shift. More and … [Read More...]


DealGuru – Unique in its way

The modern approach of business is mainly focussed at the satiation of the needs of the customers. It comes with the best offers and deals of products that ease the purchase of customers. It is important to remember that buyers don’t prefer … [Read More...]